Call for projects with digital contents



Taking part at the Torino Short Film Market
The Torino Short Film Market charges a single registration fee of € 10.00, to enter a film and to take part in other programmed events. Accreditation is provided along with registration.

This year the Torino Short Film Market is opening up to digital formats with a special call addressed to digital contents designed for the Web, for Augmental Reality or Virtual Reality. Transmedia, interactive stories and genres specifically for the web (like web series or digital videos) or for the mobile (mobile series, app. stories).

Who is it for?
The call is open to national and international production companies and independent authors who have proven experience with digital media.

Types of projects accepted
Digital Series
Web Series
Video Series
App Series
Interactive Video
Video 360°
Mobile Video
Mobile Series
Virtual Reality contents
Augmented Reality contents
Digital Video

Video running time is max 10’, like that of each single episode of serial contents.
Only unreleased serial contents will be admitted. Second seasons or continuing seasons already released will not be admitted.

Not admitted
Web Doc
Branded Content

Application Materials

  • Summary presentation of the company or video maker
  • Project (max 2 pages)
  • For serial projects, the bible of the series is required with subjects of the episodes (1 page max per episode)
  • Technical resume of the project with details of the realization (e.g. smartphone, 360° cameras, VR technologies);
  • Teaser (max 3′) (except for Virtual Reality projects)

Shortlisting Procedures
The dossiers submitted will be selected by the Selection Panel of the Torino Short Film Market. Their decision will be unquestionable. 

Shortlisted Projects
10 among the submitted projects will be shortlisted to take part in the one-day event which may be organized as follows:

– round table discussion in the morning

– “One to One” meetings between the player and distributors in the afternoon.

Among the 10 “finalists”, 3 projects will be chosen to give a brief 10’ pitch (in English), which will be open to the public and operators; it will be held at the end of the round table in the morning.

Hospitality will be covered for these 3 projects.

Dates and procedures

  • Works will be held on November 29
  • People representing the shortlisted projects will attend the complete one-day meeting

The deadline to submit works and projects is September 25, 2017, 12 AM (CEST). The persons concerned will be notified of the shortlisting by mid October.

The Torino Short Film Market will provide hospitality (two nights) for representatives (one for each project) of those projects shortlisted for the pitch. Travel expenses will not be met by the TSFM.


I’m an independent video maker but I don’t have a VAT ID, can I take part?
No, only those operating professionally can answer the call. Independent video makers can participate only if they have a proven track record which will be assessed by the selection panel.

My project does not meet any of the definitions set, can I submit it anyway?
Yes, on condition that it is based on a technology or is designed solely for digital media. In such case, all you need do is enter it as “Digital Video” and provide your definition of the genre in the space below.

Do all episodes have to be described in case of serial projects?
Yes, a bible of the series with subjects of the episodes is required (max 1 page per episode)

If I have a teaser to show for the Virtual Reality, can I screen it?
Yes, but bear in mind the theater is equipped with Samsung Gear viewers only

I’m shortlisted among the 3 projects for the pitch: must I do my presentation in English?
Yes, it is mandatory.

Does the pitch have to be 10′ long?
Yes, the pitch will be managed by a chairperson who will allow a few seconds over 10’ to round off the discussion.

In the One to One meetings can I show additional contents?
No worries, but remember to bring a computer or tablet.

I have published the first episode of a serial contents, can I take part in the call with the development project?
No, the call is open exclusively to unreleased projects.

I have presented my project on other international markets; can I take part in the call?
Of course, provided the project is unreleased.

Can I present the project of a second season still to be released?
No, the call envisages just the first season

Are travel expenses covered by the organizers of the event?
Travel expenses are not covered by the organization.

What about hospitality?
The organization covers hospitality for the 3 projects shortlisted for the pitch.