Taking part  at the  Torino Short Film Market
The Torino Short Film Market  charges a single fee of € 10.00, which provides accreditation and possible entry to programmed venues during the market (screenings and pitches). 

General  information
The Torino Short Film Market welcomes film, television and multi-media operators. Accreditation will be granted by reason of the professional categories and compatibly with space available.  Filing  for accreditation does not guarantee issuance.  Issuance  remains at the discretion of the management of the Torino Short Film Market.

Accreditation allows access to the spaces and market events which will be listed in the  trade guide but it does not grant entry to the movie theatres of the Torino Film Festival. Accredited guests will also have access to the names and contacts of all the market participants  organized according to job title.

Accreditation online cannot be requested from November 20th.

However, it is still possible during the event:

  • From November 29th to December 1st, 9AM – 6PM
  • At the TSFM accreditation desk, Centro di Produzione RAI, Via Verdi 14/A, ground floor

The cost of accreditation during the TSFM is always Euro 10.

If accreditation is not requested online you are not entitled to TSFM network registration, which provides all contact details of accredited guests. Though it does allow access to the market video library, which can be consulted online, two weeks after the market closes and for the following six months.