Pitch Your Fest!



What is it?
Pitch Your Fest! is a pitching session for organizers of Festivals featuring Short Films in their program. Selected participants will have 5′ to introduce their Festival event. Due to sanitary crisis, the pitch will be posted online on a private platform especially dedicated to Torino Film Industry event. The pitch will be in English, one-to-one meetings with producers and commissioners will follow and will be curated online too. If possible, a reduced version of TSFM will take place the spot in Turin. We keep you posted in September.

Who is it for?
Pitch Your Fest! is dedicated exclusively to organizers of Festivals featuring Short Films in their program wishing to promote their event to a diversified audience of cinema professionals: directors, producers, distributors, buyers and film institutions.

When is it?
Pitch Your Fest! is scheduled during the 2020 Torino Short Film Market, between November 17th to 21st.
However the deadline for sending a complete application is September 14th 2020 at 11:59PM (CEST). Applicants will receive a selection notice by the half of October.

Where is it?
Pitch Your Fest! pitching session and one-on-one meetings will take place online. Following new sanitary restriction, we can’t guarantee Circolo dei Lettori access for now (Via Bogino 9, Torino, Italy).

How do I apply?
In order to take part to the selection process of Pitch Your Fest! applicants are required to:

• Register on the website tsfm.filmchief.com (Username and password remain the same if the applicant has already taken part to a previous edition of TSFM since 2017. Forgotten credentials can be retrieved on the website)
• Submit a fully filled online entry form, accessible at this link

How much does it cost?
Pitch Your Fest! application is up to you for this special edition. The sum is payable only via Paypal at the end of the application submission process.

How do I get there?
Torino Short Film Market does not provide any travel refunds to Pitch Your Fest! participants, therefore selected applicants have to pay their travel expenses. However Torino Short Film Market will provide lodging for 2 nights and a free accreditation to a single representative for each selected Festival if travel and physical events will be allowed.