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Taking part at the Torino Short Film Market
The Torino Short Film Market charges a single registration fee of € 10.00, to enter a film, your catalogue or your project and to take part in other programmed events. Accreditation is provided along with registration.

At the Torino Short Film Market, there will be a presentation of short film catalogues in the form of a pitch by distributors to potential international buyers for television and VoD.

Who is it for?
The call is open to distributors from all countries who have a national or international catalogue of up to 30’ shorts to present to potential television and web buyers. There are no restrictions as concerns genre and technique.

Materials for registration
Participants are asked to forward:

  • Fully completed entry form
  • Summary in English of the films presented (synopsis + technical information + type of rights held by the distributor)
  • Vimeo link and password of the films to be presented (max 10)

The catalogues to be presented will be selected by the Torino Short Film Market. The Torino Short Film Market  decision on the number of projects entered for the pitch will be final.

The deadline for delivery of works and catalogues is September 25, 2017, 12AM (CEST). The persons concerned will receive a selection notice by mid October.

Dates, terms and conditions
The date of the pitch will be set in the course of the Torino Short Film Market, between November 29 and December 1, 2017.
Each distributor will have 10’ time to present his/her catalogue. Presentations will be in English.

In the course of the TSFM market screenings, a selection of the films chosen from the catalogues for the pitch will be shown.

Travel and hospitality
The Torino Short Film Market will provide hospitality (two nights) for one person representing  a distribution company. Travel refunds will not be provided.



I have made some short films and would like to market them but I do not have a company or VAT ID. Can I apply for registration at the  Distributors meet buyers?
No, only professionals who operate in the field of distribution can register for the pitch.

I have a  distribution catalogue of short films but don’t speak English. Can I apply for registration at the  Distributors meet buyers?
No translation service will be provided and the working language is English. Should a distributor be unable to present his/her catalogue, he/she may appoint a member of his/her staff or trusted person to do so on his/her behalf in English.

I have a catalogue of short films in distribution and would like to screen some sequences during the pitch, is that possible?
Yes, but it must fit into the 10’ time slot allocated. The market screenings curated by the TSFM programmers will screen excerpts from your catalogue.