Call for projects and short films



Taking part at the Torino Short Film Market
The Torino Short Film Market charges a single registration fee of € 10.00, to enter a film and to take part in other programmed events. Accreditation is provided along with registration.

It is often said that the short is a launching pad for feature films. At Oltrecorto the short acts as a showcase of visual and screenwriting talent for authors who wish to move on to more complex forms which require more substantial budgets.

Oltrecorto is a project for feature length projects and TV series which are the evolution  of a completed short film. The shorts and projects, will be presented during a pitch, to an audience of producers and broadcasters who are looking for new talent, in a bid to create a bridge between the world of shorts and the production world The feature project or TV series must be a narrative extension of a short work that has already been realized.

Who is it for?
The call is open to directors and screenwriters of any age and nation who have realized a short film and would like to make it evolve into a feature or TV series.
The project must be submitted by a filmmaker or a screenwriter together with a production company.

Materials for registration

  • Narrative short (neither music video clips, experimental films, nor documentaries will be admitted) maximum running time 20’ including credits, with English subtitles in the following formats:
    • Vimeo link with password for streaming vision
    • Copy of the film, in screening format, only if the project is shortlisted.
  • Production project, which originated as a short and includes:
    • Fully completed entry form
    • Subject ( for features and TV series)
    • Screenplay or treatment (just for features)
    • Bible of the series with subjects of the episodes (max 1 page per episode, just for TV series)
    • Detailed economic and financial plan (estimated costs, coverage, already obtained funding/coproduction in place)

The dossiers entered will be shortlisted by the Torino Short Film Market. The number of projects  admitted to the pitch will be established on the basis of the running times of the shorts submitted and the quality of the projects according to the unappealable decision of the Torino Short Film Market Selection Panel.

The deadline for delivery of works and projects is September 25, 2017, 12AM (CEST). The persons concerned will receive a selection notice by mid October. 

Dates, terms and conditions
The date of the pitch will be set in the course the Torino Short Film Market, between November 29 and December 1, 2017. The project shortlisted may be presented during the pitch by the filmmaker or screenwriter who must be the same person both for the short as for the project. Each candidate will have 10’ time to present his/her project, following the screening of his/her short. Presentations will be in English.

In the course of the TSFM market screenings, some of the films chosen from the catalogues for the pitch will be shown.

Travel and hospitality
The Torino Short Film Market will provide hospitality (two nights) for one person representing  each single project. Travel refunds will not be provided.


I have made a short film which is longer than 20’ running time and have a feature or TV series project which is the follow up. Can I register for the Oltrecorto?
No, the max. running time must be 20’ including credits. 

I have made a short film which is less than  20’ running time and have a project which is a follow up but the story and characters are different. Can I register for the Oltrecorto?
No, the short and feature project or TV series must have a strict narrative link.

I have made a short film which is less than  20’ running time and have a feature project which is  the narrative development. However, I do not have any production company. Can I register for the Oltrecorto?
No, only projects which have a production company backing them can be entered for Oltrecorto.

I have made a short film which is less than  20’ running time and have a feature project which is  the narrative development and I have established an agreement with a production company. However, I do not speak English. If I am shortlisted, can I do the pitch in Italian?
No, no translation service will be provided. The filmmaker and/or the screenwriter of the project will present his/her project alone in English.

I have made a short film and plan to turn it into a feature or into a TV series. The short meets the TSFM requirements but it isnt finished yet (rough cut, color correction, final music score etc. are still to be completed ). Can I register just the same?
No, works can only be entered in their final version.