TSFM Vol.3

When we launched the Torino Short Film Market in 2016, none of us could have imagined the buzz surrounding the upcoming third season. The success of the past two editions went far beyond our expectations, and this third TSFM is turning out to be a well-honed and major event.

The TSFM has its own dynamic and multifaceted identity: the potential for encounters to happen facilitated by the staff’s input; the right blend of an easygoing mood and a focus on work; the wide range of professionals who take part; and a unique format at the international level. The TSFM is a contact point between the young, independent audiovisual world with the ‘adult’ industry, and with production companies and broadcasters on the lookout for talent.

This year, the TSFM is expanding: an extra day to ease the event planning and schedule, plus an additional pitch session.

As in 2017, Digita!, led by Simone Arcagni together with Giusy Mandalà, is both a showcase for digital content production and an opportunity for project development via a pitch session geared to leading decision-makers in the field; Oltrecorto, led by Ludovica Fonda and myself, continues its intensive and collaborative approach, enhancing the rich palette of events dedicated to the discovery of talents, where shorts share the spotlight with projects for feature films and TV series; Distributors meet Buyers is the first pitch session for short film distributors to present their catalogs to buyers, and its past success has spawned similar initiatives across the globe; last but not least, Pitch Your Fest!, a new item for 2018, is a pitch session for festivals to present their unique features and specific approach with the aim of building a bridge between the TSFM and the festival scene. Not to mention the screenings, the video library, the awards, as well as numerous meetings, talks, roundtables and presentations. At the TSFM you can find just about everything that impacts the growth and internationalization of the short film industry.


Jacopo Chessa
Director of the Torino Short Film Market