TSFM Vol. 4


The Torino Short Film Market is a leading reality in the short film world like it is for audiovisuals in general. After three editions in which the market features have clearly been established, the TSFM has also drawn the identikit of an ideal audience made up of film and TV professionals, young talent, new language and new technology operators. However, for it to continue to be alive and appealing, a market event has to continually renew itself and know how to read the contemporary scene.

The 4th Torino Short Film Market holds many surprises. First of all, it opens up to the production of shorts with a pitch for co-production dedicated to comedies. Genre cinema and comedy, in particular, is the weak link in the short film chain. The TSFM aims to supply producers and filmmakers with the tools needed to enhance their comedy projects thus facing a significant challenge which lies at the basis of the sense of a market, i.e. opening up to new spaces and exploring new territories. In addition to new formats. After two years of Digita!, the 4th TSFM will concentrate on VR, confirming a coproduction pitch and opening a call to VR narrative contents: VR Stories. This is another challenge. Can VR tell a story? If so, in what ways, what are the models, the forms?

The Torino Short Film Market, is becoming more international while remaining local, as it is part of the Piedmont production context which is being consolidated thanks to the creation of “Torino Film Industry” network which, in addition to us, federates the Torino Film Lab and Production Days of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, in the course of the Torino Film Festival.

Guests coming to the 4th edition of the Torino Short Film Market will find much more than just a professional event: a creative place, comparison, exchange, fun.

Jacopo Chessa
Director of the Torino Short Film Market