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Sala Grande

Opening Speeches 
Jacopo Chessa (TSFM, Director), Paolo Damilano (Film Commission Torino Piemonte, President), Sergio Toffetti (National Cinema Museum, President)

10am – 11am
Sala Grande

Digita! – VR Pitch
-22,7° by Jan Kounen
Lake Baikal: the Science, Spirituality & Politics of Extreme Water by Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov
Leonardo: Doubts of a Genius by Matteo Lonardi
Mare Nostrum. L’incubo by Stefania Casini, Pascal Hanke
Nel giardino della follia by Girolamo da Schio
Sol-Air by Mihai Grecu

11.am – 11.30am
Sala Filosofi

Coffee break Piemonte Lounge

11.30am – 1pm
Sala Grande

Digita! – Series Pitch
Dear Mankind by Floris Asche, Woitek Konzal
DoXa by Alexandre Pierrin, Olivier Marquezy
Government of Children by Ioana Mischie
Hermann Sox by Corinne Le Hong
Sex & the SixTeens by Bora Omeroglu
Sur la voix by Thomas Veyrier, Thibault Marthi
Le vie des drones by Matthieu Spinazzola

1pm – 2.30pm
Sala Gioco

by invitation only

2.30pm – 5pm
Sala Lettura/Salotto Cinese

Digita! One-to-one meetings
pitchers & Digita!’s decision makers only

2.30pm – 4pm
Sala Grande

Presentation of Under35 Digital Video Contest projects
curated by Film Commission Torino Piemonte

4.30pm – 5pm
Sala Grande

Special screening  – Flash by Valerio Vestoso (Italy, 2018, 22’)
Winner of the contest “Premio Solinas – La bottega delle webserie”. The contest was created by Rai Fiction and Premio Solinas to explore and experiment new serial story telling formats.
introduced by: Leonardo Ferrara (Rai Fiction)

5pm – 6.30pm
Sala Grande

Meet the Cases
Cases stories narrated by protagonists: webseries, digital series, VR experiences
speakers: Joël Bassaget (Webfest Berlin), Leonardo Ferrara (Rai Fiction), Annamaria Granatello (Premio Solinas), Morgane Le Moine (Black Pills), Ingrid Hunkeler (WVR Forum), Ruta Boguzaite (Skylights), Aimone Bodini (Proxima Milano).
coordinated by: Simone Arcagni

6.30pm – 8pm
Sala Filosofi

Film Commission Torino Piemonte Cocktail
by invitation only[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”SCREENINGS” tab_id=”1541501171958-04899ddf-b019″][vc_column_text 0=””]

10am – 7.30pm 
Sala Musica

Access is free for accredited guests on a first-come first-served basis. It is possible only at the changeover times listed in the current program. Guests holding “buyer” passes will have priority access to the theater.

10 am
Sic@Sic prog. 1 (83′)

Gagarin, mi mancherai (Gagarin, I will miss you) by Domenico De Orsi, Italy, 2018, 20’
Malo tempo (Bad boy) by Tommaso Perfetti, Italy, 2018, 19’
Cronache dal crepuscolo (Chronicles of dusk) by Luca Capponi, Italy, 2018,18’
Fino alla fine (Until the end) by Giovanni Dota, Italy, 2018, 15’
Quelle brutte cose (Those bad things) by Loris Giuseppe Nese, Italy, 2018, 11’


Sic@Sic prog. 2 (87’)

Epicentro (Epicentrum) by Leandro Picarella, Italy, 2018, 20’
Frontiera (Not the end) by Alessandro Di Gregorio, Italy, 2018, 18’
Nessuno è innocente (Nobody’s innocent) by Toni D’Angelo, Italy, 2018, 18’
Si sospetta il movente passionale con l’aggravante dei futili motivi (Under suspicion for a crime of passion aggravated by triviality) by Cosimo Alemà, Italy, 2018, 16’
Sugarlove by Laura Luchetti, Italy, 2018, 15’

Balkan Focus (92’)

Heaven has been fooled by Odeta Cunaj, Albania, 2017, 14’
Into the Blue by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic, Croatia, 2017, 22’
Children Will Come by Ana Jakimska, Macedonia, 2017, 19’
Ajo (She) by More Raça, Kosovo, 2018, 13’
Liubov (Love) by Boya Harizanova, Bulgaria, 2017, 24’

CSC Production (93’)

A pelo d’acqua (On floating bodies) by Rafael Farina Issas, Italy, 2018, 21’
Così in terra (As it is on earth) by Pier Lorenzo Pisano, Italy, 2018, 13’
Il nostro sangue (Our blood) by Gino Palummo, Italy, 2018, 20’
L’amata (Beloved) by Domenico Croce, Italy, 2018, 20’
Nessun dorma by Paolo Strippoli, Italy, 2018, 20’

Piemonte in Shorts (70’)

L’anguilla (The eel) by Silvia Bassoli, Giacomo D’Ancona, Maria Virginia Moratti, Italy, 2018, 8’
Polvere sottile (Fine dust) by Alessandra Boatto, Gloria Cianci, Sofia Zanonato, Italy, 2018, 8’
Oltremura by Giovanni Saponaro, Cecilia Argenton, Francesca Marchiando Pacchiola, Salvatore Pione, Italy, 2018, 6’
Service Inc. by Isac Amisano, Guglielmo Audenino, Leonardo Tacconella, Italy, 2018, 6’
New Neighbourgs by Andrea Mannino, Sara Burgio, Giacomo Rinaldi, Italy, 2018, 8’
Aida by Mattia Temponi, Italy, 2018, 14’
In principio (In the beginning) by Daniele Nicolosi, Italy, 2018, 20’

Looking for Distribution (61’)

La premiata compagnia Mastrosimone by Giovanni Battista Origo, Italy, 2017, 20’
Eva by Alejo Correa, Spain, 2018, 10’
The Cargiver by Ruthy Pribar, Israel, 2018, 12’
Il lupo (Der wolf) by Benjamin Thun, Italy, 2018, 19’

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”VR SHOWCASE” tab_id=”1541501171995-48babf88-0003″][vc_column_text 0=””]9.30am – 6.30pm
Sala Artisti

Guests can go directly to the desk and request entry to the VR showcase. If all the viewers are busy, you can reserve a seat at a later time. Guests holding “buyer” passes will have priority access to the VR viewers.

VR Immersive Area

Vestige by Aaron Bradbury, UK / USA / France, 2018, 11’
結婚指輪物語 (Tales of Wedding Rings) by Kaei Sou, Japan, 2017, 27’
After Solitary by Cassandra Herrman, Lauren Mucciolo, USA, 2017, 10’

VR Theatre Prog. 1

全能元神宮改造王 (Your Spiritual Temple Sucks) by Jhon Hsu, Taiwan, 2017, 12’
Sun Ladies by Céline Tricart, Christian Stephen, USA, 2017, 7’

VR Theatre Prog. 2

Reframe Saudi by Matteo Lonardi, Italy / UK, 2018, 14’
My Brother’s Keeper by Connor Hair, Alex Meader, USA, 2017, 11’

VR Theatre Prog. 3

Archi Vrai (The real thing) by Benoît Felici, Mathias Chelebourg, France, 2018, 16’
Extravaganza by Ethan Shaftel, USA, 2017, 6’

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”VIDEO LIBRARY” tab_id=”1541502163419-d629fb11-02d4″][vc_column_text 0=””]9.30am – 6.30pm 
Sala Artisti

All you need do is go directly to the desk and request access to the Video Library. If all the stations are busy, you can reserve a seat at a later time. Guests holding “buyer” passes will have priority access to the Video Library.

The video library of the Torino Short Film Market offers some hundreds of short films, selected by Massimiliano Nardulli and Enrico Vannucci during the course of the year with this event in mind. The selection was geared towards products which could best meet the expectations of the market operators who have been invited and are present here.

The video library, in addition to being an in-house research engine through which users can carry out personalized research, provides various theme programs compiled by art directors, which last – about one hour and a half – like a quality short films festival but also seeking out products which suit other platforms and media. Lastly, our video library hosts and promotes the most up-to-date catalogues of various European and international distributors.

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