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15:00 – All You Need Is Short, 99’

Amerigo and the New World (Amerigo et le nouveau monde) by Laurent Crouzeix, Luis Briceño, France / Chile, 2019, 14’
Radiators IP Sales – ben@radiatorsales.eu
Who gave America its name, exactly? A playful flashback on fake news set at the times of the nascent printing industry.

Child by Talia Zucker, USA / Australia, 2019, 11’
Talia Zucker – taliazucker@gmail.com
After the birth of her first child, a young woman in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community struggles to find herself in the new role and connect to her new-born baby.

Exam (Emtehan) by Sonia K. Hadad, Iran, 2019, 15’
Some Shorts – info@someshorts.com
A teenage girl gets involved in the process of delivering a package containing cocaine to a client, but she gets drawn in a weird cycle of occurrences.​

Ghoulish Galactic Grievances by Josh Owen, Canada, 2019, 13’
Josh Owen – joshtimowen@gmail.com
A Ghoul follows her dreams out of a friend filled swamp into emotional outer space. A silent film with voice acting that takes un-dead trillion year old creatures and gives them sweet swampy hearts.

Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend On a Mountain by Bernhard Wenger, Austria, 2019, 13’
Lemonade Films – marija@refreshingfilms.com
Captured with a mobile phone, we see a group of three friends gathering at a ski lodge. Daniel is about to propose to his girlfriend and his friend films the whole thing to remember the best day of their lives.

Salon (Salloni) by Zgjim Terziqi, Kosovo, 2019, 15’
Valmira Hyseni – valmira.hyseni@gmail.com
The day after a wife murdered her husband, the incident is discussed in a beauty salon were a soon to be wife is in a rush to get ready for her wedding.

Sweet, Salty (Ngọt, Mặn) by Linh Duong, Vietnam, 2019, 19’
Linh Duong – linhduong.films@gmail.com
40-year-old grandma Ha is going on a catfight with her husband’s secret lover tomorrow. Her supporters? A bunch of gossipy neighbours, her Buddhist mom, two full grown daughters, and her unborn baby son.