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Magic Alps by Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi, Italy, 2018, 15’
→ The Shape of Snow (La consistenza della neve)

Country: Italy
Type of project: Feature film
Production Company: Articolture S.r.l.
Directed by: Andrea Brusa, Marco Scotuzzi
Estimated budget: € 1.100.000
Budget in place: € 52.000
Contact: ivan.olgiati@articolture.it

An Afghan refugee arriving in Italy to seek asylum brings the immigration system to a grinding halt when he includes his beloved goat in the application. Based on a true story.

Piggy (Cerdita) by Carlota Pereda, Spain, 2018, 14’
→ Piggy (Cerdita)

Country: Spain
Type of project: Feature film
Production Company: Morena Films
Directed by: Carlota Pereda
Estimated budget: € 2.500.000
Budget in place: € 250.000
Contact: mcolomer@morenafilms.com

Sara is an overweight teen that lives in the shadow of a clique of cool girls. No one defends her when she’s bullied at the local pool in front of an Unknown Man. Her clothes are stolen and Sara must get home wearing nothing but her bikini. The long walk home will mark the rest of her life.

A Siege (Ostrom) by István Kovács, Hungary, 2018, 23’
→ A Siege (Ostrom)

Country: Hungary
Type of project: Feature film
Production Company: Café Film, Good Kids
Directed by: István Kovács
Estimated budget: € 4.500.000
Budget in place: € 135.000
Contact: patricia@goodkids.tv

Sarajevo 1993. No water, no electricity nor food in the town under siege. Tea Mikic, as a Serbian woman, lives completely isolated in her shabby apartment hopelessly in a Bosnian community. Tea wants to take a bath but this means she has to get out from her flat and through sniper fire…

The Manchador_beta (مردچادر) by Kaveh Tehrani, Norway / Iran / Germany, 2019, 20’
→ The Manchador_beta (مردچادر)

Country: Norway
Type of project: Feature film
Production Company: Ape&Bjørn AS
Directed by: Kaveh Tehrani
Estimated budget: 1.000.000
Budget in place: none
Contact: ruben@apeogbjorn.no

After Saeed invents a chador for men that becomes a religious phenomenon, Mina creates an Augmented Reality app that solves the problem of the hijab digitally. The Manchador_beta is a satire set in the near future about life in modern day Tehran, screens, sleep and spirituality.

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Bioluminescence – First Contact

Country: France, Germany
Type of project: Short Film, Immersive VR
Production Company: Reynard Films, IKO
Directed by: Abel Kohen
Budget in place: € 35.219
Contact: contact@i-k-o.fr

Bioluminescence – First Contact thrusts us into the role of Rachael, a fearless diver exploring the ocean abyss. Expedition leader Eva guides her. But Rachael’s bravery is challenged when she discovers that extra-terrestrial bioluminescent parasites are infecting ocean flora and fauna.



Country: Spain
Type of project: Short Film, Interactive VR
Production Company: Epica Film
Directed by: Chiara Troisi
Budget in place: € 8.000
Contact: troisichiara.ct@gmail.com

A man comes back from work, get into his house and walks through it stripping himself of everything; he drags himself to the garden, where he will clear out the bad energy and start again to breath and see in colour.


Breaking Your Skin

Country: The Netherlands
Type of project: Installation, Interactive VR
Production Company: Ginko Film S.r.l., WeMakeVR
Directed by: Marco Della Coletta
Budget in place: € 15.000
Contact: marco@godmotherfilms.com

According to neuroscientists the 95% of our brain activity happens beyond our conscious awareness and the subconscious mind controls all involuntary processes. In a sacred temple, The Alchemist, an experienced shaman, will perform a powerful self-transformation ritual divided in three steps: Invocation, Healing and Protection.


The Quest

Country: Italy
Type of project: Installation, 360° VR
Production Company: EiE Film, Vessel Production
Directed by: Giuseppe Petruzzellis
Budget in place: none
Contact: alessandro@eiefilm.com

A journey inside the astonishing installation La Ricerca, made by Italian artist Luigi Lineri and to the landscapes that inspired its creation. In the search for human identity a cathedral sized collection of stones evokes prehistoric memories and an ecological message for the future.



Country: United Kingdom
Type of project: Web Film, Interactive VR
Production Company: none
Directed by: Rodolfo Lissia
Budget in place: none
Contact: rodolfolissia@gmail.com

In an unknown future, an old man is narrating to his granddaughter the story of how the world was once dealing with a deep environmental crisis, and how society managed to solve the issue. An interactive VR project exploring the inextricably link between water, food and energy: the Nexus.


Holy Place

Country: Italy
Type of project: Doc series (3×12’), 360° VR
Production Company: 8 S.r.l.
Budget in place: € 10.000
Directed by: Laura Catalano
Contact: laura.catalano@pr8duction.com

The atelier is a sacred place; it’s cosy, charming and joyful. It’s an intimate place by its nature, but however vowed to exchange and sociality. The way the artist choose his proper objects, the way the working tools are disposed, are hints that tell us how the artist lives and work.


Deusa das aguas 

Country: France, Brazil
Type of project: Short Film, 360° VR
Production Company: Les Valseurs
Budget in place: € 100.000
Directed by: João Paulo Miranda Maria
Contact: developpement@lesvalseurs.com

Weslei lives in a slum on the edge of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, a paradise dune desert in northern Brazil. In everyone’s eyes, he is a little boy. But Weslei dreams for a different body.

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Breaking App

Country: Bulgaria
Type of project: Short film / live action
Production Company: Semperia Films Ltd.
Directed by: Todor Velev
Estimated budget: € 22.150
Budget in place: € 6.800
Estimated running: time 13’
Contact: elenidekidis@gmail.com

Young IT guy, incompetent with women, gets over a painful love separation, but instead of looking for the ONE, he codes an application for online break up and gets filthy rich.


The Forger (Falsarinn)

Country: Iceland
Type of project: Short film / live action
Production Company: Muninn Film
Directed by: Ragnar Snorrason
Estimated budget: € 110.000
Budget in place: € 70.000
Estimated running time: 16’
Contact: ragnar@muninnfilm.is

A painter, once considered a master of the art, takes on the seemingly simple task of repairing his own painting for a highly publicized exhibition. He fucks up! To save himself from embarrassment he decides to do the only logical thing. He will forge his own masterpiece.



Country: Italy
Type of project: Short film / Live action
Production Company: BabyDoc Film
Directed by: Francesca Frigo
Estimated budget:  € 38.614
Budget in place: € 23.614
Estimated running time: 20’
Contact: andrea@babydocfilm.it

Steve plays soccer in a team made up of boys with intellectual disabilities like him. When a mystery man comes to watch the training, the word spreads that Steve is one step away from being bought by none other than Juventus. How is it that a disabled player can play alongside CR7?



Country: Hungary
Type of project: Short film / live action
Production Company: Umbrella Kreatív Műhely Kft.
Directed by: Bálint Erkel
Estimated budget € 27.255Budget in place: none
Estimated running time: 12’
Contact felszeghy.adam@umbrella.tv

A gritty short-comedy on top of a high-rise between an unhappily married businessman and a love-struck idiot. Roy goes up to the top of his office building to put a grim end to his life, when Fred, a fellow-high-diver succeeds at stopping him – by detailing his long-time affair with Roy’s wife.


Plastic (Igelit)

Country: Czech Republic
Type of project: Short film / live action
Production Company: Vernes S.r.o.
Directed by: Tomas Brozek
Estimated budget € 114.846
Budget in place: € 49.731
Estimated running time: 20’
Contact: tomas@mugshots.cz

As a director of numerous videos and commercials, a short film is the next logical step for me. I decided to work from my own screenplay, based on the incredible stories of people around me, which could happen to anyone. The realism of the social themes is in stark contrast to the bizarre outcome. This is also the key for the style of directing – minimal stylization of acting and a sense of realism with a shocking and funny ending should give rise to a sharply accelerating and surprising plot.


Pram Snatcher

Country: United Kingdom
Type of project: Short film / live action
Production Company: Try Hard Films
Directed by: Theo James Krekis
Estimated budget: € 46.810
Budget in place: € 9.000
Estimated running time: 15’
Contact: sorcha@try-hard.co.uk

A heavily pregnant criminal struggles with the prospect of ‘just being a mum’ so makes a desperate attempt at reclaiming her old identity back before the looming date of baby’s arrival.


Shake Your Money Maker

Country: Italy
Type of project: Short Film / live action
Production Company: Rossofilm S.r.l.
Directed by: Cedomir Pakusevskij
Estimated budget: € 88.057
Budget in place: € 9.000
Estimated running time: 20’
Contact: pakusevskij@gmail.com

Matteo is masturbating while watching porn. At the moment of orgasm pop-up ad shows up on the screen and interrupts the porn. Matteo remains shocked and has the strongest orgasm that launches 500-euros banknote out of his penis. The thing repeats and changes his life forever in good and bad.

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Agence du court métrage

Country: France
Presented by: Nathalie Lebel
Website: www.agencecm.com
Contact: n.lebel@agencecm.com

L’Agence du court métrage is a non-profit organization founded in 1983 wishing to develop short film distribution on all screens in France and abroad with the wealth of its catalogue of over 12,000 films (mainly French productions). The team guides and helps programmers and broadcasters (movie theaters, festivals, multimedia libraries, TV channels, DVD publishers, museums, online platforms, etc) to build tailored selections of short films around a theme or a director… All that is possible to imagine!


BFI – British Film Institute Film Sales

Country: United Kingdom
Presented by: Violette Martin
Website: www.bfi.org.uk
Contact: violette.martin@bfi.org.uk

The British Film Institute (BFI) is the lead body for film in the UK with the ambition to create a flourishing film environment in which innovation, opportunity and creativity can thrive. As part of the institute’s global mission, BFI Film Sales represents a collection of films for sales and distribution across all media in international and domestic markets. The extensive catalogue includes productions that shaped British cinema today, including short films by some of the most iconic UK filmmakers. The BFI also distributes restorations of rediscovered masterpieces, new productions of curated archive content and some short films by new British talents. 


Capricci Films

Country: France
Presented by: Jim Martín
Website: www.capricci.fr
Contact: distribution@capricci.fr

Capricci is a French production, distribution and sales company of arthouse films. Each year, we release productions of the greatest figures of the independent cinema as Hong Sangsoo (The Day After) or Albert Serra (The Death of Louis XIV). Capricci is also a publishing house, with two-dozen of books devoted to movies each year. In addition, the monthly publication of the Sofilm cinema magazine, broadcast in France and Spain. Over the years, Capricci has become a cinema-lover label noticed in France. Besides, Capricci produces short films in the spirit of its history, searching for new authors, before to support them in their first feature film.


Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti

Country: Italy
Presented by: Francesca Giuffrida
Website: www.cinema.fondazionemilano.eu
Contact g.bianco@fondazionemilano.eu

Based in Milan, the Civica Scuola di Cinema Luchino Visconti has been training whole generations of professionals since the ‘60. Combining theoretical education with production and in-depth workshops, it currently offers a three years course in Film, Television and Multimedia with 8 specialisations, other than a variety of one-year evening courses and crash courses. Production is the key activity in which all the main formats are tackled: fiction, reportage, advertising, multi-camera live production, multimedia productions, series. Creativity, practice, and teamwork are the basic elements of our teaching method and what makes it possible for our graduates to successfully find employment in such a specific market. The School is full member of CILECT since 2001.



Country: France / United States
Presented by: Audrey Clinet
Website: www.eroin.fr
Contact: contact@eroin.fr

EROÏN is a production and distribution Company dedicated to emergent women filmmakers, created in Paris by Audrey Clinet in 2016. We distribute domestically and internationally on all medias: TV, VOD platforms, theatrical, airlines, schools and libraries. EROÏN exists also in the USA since 2018.


interfilm Berlin Management GmbH, Sales and Distribution

Country: Germany
Presented by: Cord Dueppe
Website: www.interfilm.de
Contact: sales@interfilm.de

Having made a name for itself on the international film scene in the early 80s, interfilm Berlin and the Oscar® qualifying festival it organises has been dedicated to the short film format ever since. interfilm’s internationally operating short film distribution and sales agency has been established in 1999, offering an ever-expanding catalogue of internationally successful and outstanding short films to TV, internet, educational, closed-circuit and other media worldwide. 

Network Ireland Television

Country: Ireland
Presented by: Derry O’Brien
Website: www.network-irl-tv.com
Contact: derry@network-irl-tv.com

NITV was founded in Dublin in 1995. Over this period NITV has represented an array of extremely successful independent short films, which have won countless prestigious awards at international festivals and have been in extremely high demand from buyers around the world. Additionally, the company has so far represented 16 Oscar -nominated short films (12 live-action, 3 animation, and 1 documentary), which includes the Academy Award winners for best live action short: The Silent Child (2018), Stutterer (2016), The Phone Call (2015) and The Shore (2012). 


Premiere Film

Country: Italy / France / United States
Presented by: Saverio Pesapane
Website: www.premierefilm.it
Contact: premierefilmdistribution@gmail.com

Premiere Film is both a film production and distribution company specialized in festival distribution of feature films (fiction and documentaries), short films and web-series. Premiere srl has its offices in Italy, France and Usa. 

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Al termine della notte

Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Daniel Coffaro
Image cover by: Margherita Paoletti
Contact: danielcoffaro.nu@gmail.com

Suddenly the night comes and the sun doesn’t rise anymore. While a global crisis is taking place, the only thing that worries little Luna is the fact that mom and dad are no longer together. Through a solitary journey that will lead her to get lost in the labyrinth of the night, Luna must understand that her parents can no longer love each other, but that they will never stop loving her. Through this journey she will be able to discover her very personal dawn.


Bed Therapy

Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Riccardo Mastrocola
Image cover by: Matteo Signorelli
Contact: r.mastrocola@live.com

Lucrezia and Arianna are two friends at the Ikea on a Saturday afternoon. Everything looks in the standard up to when they lay down on a bed on display and Luca, a sales assistant, reaches to them, asking to get up. The discussion that follows, transforms the bed on which they are lying in a bizarre melting pot of people who seem to have found an area of comfort, but perhaps they could aspire to something more.



Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Rebecca Gatti
Image cover by: Daniele Vanzo
Contact: rebeccagatti610@gmail.com

During the full-blown fascist regime, a girl is fighting for her own freedom and the ones of her companions, in a mental asylum. They are left with a mission which will bound them forever.


Diana_Zen ha iniziato a seguirti

Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Chiara Lazzaretti
Image cover by: Francesca Colombara
Contact: chiara.lazzaretti@gmail.com

Nadia is 28. She has a normal life and an abusive boyfriend. After the last of a series of abuses, something deep inside her breaks up. The following morning, she finds out she has a new follower on Instagram: Diana_Zen. Diana is identical with Nadia: she seems her Doppelgänger. Diana is terrified because Diana starts following her on Instagram and in real life. Will Nadia understand that Diana is her only chance at freedom?


Figlie di nessuno

Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Alfredo Vazzoler 
Image cover by: Alessandro Pugiotto
Contact: vazzoler.alfredo@gmail.com

In a suburb made of domestic violence and underworld, two sisters have to bury their father and escape from his criminal partners.



Country: Italy
Type of project: Animation
Written by: Zeno Du Ban
Image cover by: Matteo Dang
Contact: zeno.duban@gmail.com

Gaia is a young girl who is desperately trying to make fertile again the field that once belonged to her grandfather and that her mother abandoned years ago. A recurring violent storm continuously treats her and frustrates her clumsy efforts, while her mother’s shadow still weighs upon her destiny.



Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Ruben Marciano
Image cover by: Alice Berti
Contact: ruben.marciano@yahoo.it

A desperate TV hostess is ready to do anything to become a movie star, including  blackmailing a director to have the leading role in a new “kitchen sink” film: the role of a struggling factory girl who suffered an accident at work. Too bad the production wants an  actress with a foot missing. For real.


Chiedi all’oracolo

Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Martina Funmilayo Ogunleye
Image cover by: Monica Zulian
Contact: ziamartiblu@gmail.com

Sometimes you would really need a miracle in life. But Elisabetta and Augusta, two travelling women, with a lot of questions and few answers, didn’t need a miracle, they were just enough with an Oracle…or almost.


Un (quasi) rapimento sull’A4

Country: Italy
Type of project: Live action
Written by: Gemma Pistis, Michela Nuti
Contacts: mnuti63@gmail.com, gemma.pistis@gmail.com

Ester must get married that day, and her sister Mina should accompany her to the ceremony. Too bad that Mina has decided to kidnap her sister: a major crisis in the cabin, autogrill and gas station, the two sisters will come to terms with themselves.

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Bruxelles Short Film Festival (Festival du court métrage de Bruxelles)

Presented by: Romane Pangrazzi
Website: bsff.be
Contact: romane@bsff.be
Country: Belgium
City: Bruxelles
Edition number as of year 2019: 22nd
2020 dates: April 22nd – May 2nd

The Brussels Short Film Festival wants to offer to a large audience the opportunity to discover an eclectic program through more than 300 short films selected in competitions and OFF competition programs. BSFF has 3 official competitions: International, National and Next Generation, the school films competition. All directors selected in competition are invited to the festival to present their film: BSFF has to be a place of encounters. We also want to be a springboard for (young) professionals and encourage the development of their projects. During the Short Film Market, we show their films to buyers and programmers. A lot of workshops and meetings are organised: a coproduction forum, a pitching workshop, a scriptwriting contest, etc.


Glasgow Short Film Festival

Presented by: Matt Lloyd
Website: glasgowshort.org
Contact: matt.lloyd@glasgowshort.org
Country: United Kindgom
City: Glasgow
Edition number as of year 2019: 12th
2020 dates: March 18th–23rd

GSFF, the leading short film event in Scotland, champions new film talent by providing an annual showcase and meeting point for filmmakers, industry delegates and audiences. Our programme celebrates diverse forms of cinematic expression, and foregrounds disruptive, ground-breaking work that transgresses the boundaries of conventional narrative film. GSFF is a friendly and inclusive festival in which the work of emerging Scottish filmmakers is presented in the context of an international programme. We believe that international collaboration is vital for Scottish filmmakers. GSFF provides the meeting-place where collaboration can begin.


Motovun Film Festival

Presented by: Inja Korać
Website: motovunfilmfestival.com
Contact: inja@motovunfilmfestival.com
Country: Croatia
City: Motovun
Edition number as of year 2019: 22nd
2020 dates: July 21st–25th

MFF was launched 22 years ago by a group of film professionals as an answer to the absolute domination of Hollywood films in Croatian theatres. Festival reflects diversity: esthetical, thematic and geographical. Thus, the choice of 136 feature and short films is a combination of the European and the world independent film landscape. Its program, with three competition selections celebrates films standing out with their stories, warmth and innovation. MFF lasts for nine days – first 4 dedicated to European children’s film and takes place in a small medieval walled city that becomes home of most prominent film titles and film directors. It holds more than 30 open-air screenings and from the 22nd edition has joined the EFA partners network. 


International Izmir Short Film Festival (Uluslararası İzmir Kısa Film Festivali)

Presented by: Ekin Asar
Website: www.izmirkisafilm.org
Contact: ekinasar@gmail.com
Country: Turkey
City: Izmir 
Edition number as of year 2019: 19th
2020 dates: October 30th–November 4th

International Izmir Short Film Festival has been one of the most important short film events of Turkey since 2000. The long-standing event is the only cinema festival in the city of İzmir. Each year, the festival grants short films from all over the world with Golden Cat Award in branches of fiction, documentary, animation and experimental. Furthermore, out of competition selections showcase more than 400 carefully selected short films each year to present a diverse selection of short films to the festival audience and to encourage filmmakers. All film screenings, supported by panels, interviews, exhibitions, and other events, are free during the festival.


SKEPTO International Film Festival

Presented by: Mauro Montis
Website: www.skepto.net
Contact: mauro@netsoul.net
Country: Italy
City: Cagliari
Edition number as of year 2019: 11th
2020 dates: April 1st–5th

SKEPTO: from the Greek «to see, to watch, to observe, but always in an attentive and critical way, never passive.» SKEPTO International Film Festival is a film festival dedicated to short films. The cultural association Skepto, a non-profit organization born from people who have a great interest in cinema, photography and the visual arts in general, organizes the festival. The festival begins in Cagliari, in the Marina district, where for 4 days the district is transformed into a screen in which to screen the best international courts, and the city turned in the scenario where the meetings between guests and the public take place; and the festival continues in the national territory during the year proposing thematic projections.


Shorts in Big (Cortos en grande)

Presented by: José Gil Rincón
Website: www.cortosengrande.com
Contact: joshugil@gmail.com
Country: Chile
City: Santiago
Edition number as of year 2019: 2nd
2020 dates June: 16th-21st

Shorts in Big is a young but fast-growing short film festival in Chile. In just 2 editions it has received more than 500 short films for its national competition, held more than 60 screenings in 10 cities and reached an audience of more than 7000 people. We have had an incredible jury that includes Oscar winner Gabriel Osorio, as well as some of the most awarded Chilean filmmakers: Marialy Rivas, Maite Alberdi, José Luis Torres Leiva, and Alejandro Fernández Almendras. We also support young filmmakers by organizing talks, workshops and meetings! Our industry section includes a development lab for projects and the first WIP for shorts in Iberoamerica. In the next 2020 edition, Cortos en Grande will launch its international competition.

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