Boosting Your Film Festival

Torino Short Film Market


Workshop in two sessions for film festival professionals held by Wim Vanacker and Riema Reybrouck


November, 23rd from 14.30 to 18.30 pm – Palazzo Cisterna Sala Consiglieri (Turin)



Audience Design

Riema Reybrouck

There isn’t only one way, place and group age to communicate to about your festival. There’s a big difference between traditional film marketing and audience design in terms of approach, timing, collaborations and channels. Creating audience awareness and an understanding of how to use audience engagement in the promotion of your festival are an important part of the exhibition landscape. Reaching and communicating with possible audiences is an aspect that benefits from being explored within a multi-angle approach. Audience design aims at sharing insights into steps that help build a concrete strategy to support a growing community and audience of your festival.


The Why (oh Why) of Industry events

Wim Vanacker

In recent years, industry events in the context of film festivals have been popping up like wild flowers. From a distance, it seems easy to justify that decision, but is there truly an added value or are we merely jumping on bandwagons? A need for industry events there sure is, but is the approach we have now the most valuable one? The main goal of this workshop is to delve deeper into our intentions associated with those industry events we stand for and the responsibility we carry as representatives of the film industry. Are we truly catering to a need and if so, what’s the best approach to get as much as possible out of those events? Topics we’ll tackle in an intimate context resembling that of a self help group for like minded festival representatives who’re eager and willing to get honest with themselves and the industry.


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Info: torino@europacreativa-media.it