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What is it?
Digita! comprises a pitch session, one-on-one meetings, and a roundtable. It is geared towards national and international production companies, invited professionals, and independent creators with previous experience in digital media. The day begins with a session of 7-minute pitches in English (if required, images, video clips and texts can be screened during the 7-minute pitch) for the 10 selected projects, followed by a roundtable featuring the present players in the field. The afternoon will be dedicated to one-on-one meetings with decision-makers.

Who is it for?
Digita! is dedicated exclusively to production companies and independent authors wishing to promote their digital media project to a diversified audience of professionals: distributors, buyers, festival representatives, directors, producers, and film institutions.

When is it?
Digita! is scheduled during the 2018 Torino Short Film Market, between November 22nd to 25th. The exact date and time will be announced at a later stage.
However the deadline for sending a complete application is September 10th 2018 at 11:59PM (CEST). Applicants will receive a selection notice by mid-October.

Where is it?
Digita! round table, pitching session and one-on-one meetings will take place at Circolo dei Lettori, Via Bogino 9, Torino, Italy – the 2018 Torino Short Film Market’s unique location. For more info about the location please click here.

What do I win?
Proxima Milano, acting as the TSFM’s partner, will take part in the upcoming 2018 edition, offering a color correction session as a special award to the best pitch with the following content:
– The best proposal for 360 VR content (duration max. 45′)
– The best proposal for Episode 0 content of a Digital/Web Series (duration max. 60′).
The color correction session will be conducted at the Proxima Milano studios and must take place no later than 20 months after TSFM 2018. The content should comply with international standards, as well as with the technical requirements and schedule of Proxima Milano.

How do I apply?
In order to take part to the selection process of Digita! applicants are required to:

• Register on the wesbite tsfm.filmchief.com (Username and password remain the same if the applicant has already taken part to a previous edition of TSFM since 2017. Forgotten credentials can be retrieved on the website)
• Submit a fully filled online entry form, accessible at this link
• Submit a PDF version of the Project written in English (max 2 pages) – moreover for serial projects only, the bible of the series is mandatory (containing subjects for each episode – max 1 page per episode), to be uploaded using the aforementioned entry form
• Submit a PDF version of the Technical resume of the project with details of the realisation (e.g. smartphone, 360° cameras, VR technologies), to be uploaded using the aforementioned entry form
• Submit a teaser of the project not exceeding 3 minutes in length (Virtual Reality projects are not required to provide a teaser), to be uploaded using the aforementioned entry form

Mandatory regulations
The only types of projects accepted are: Digital Series, Web Series, App Series and Virtual Reality contents
Only unreleased serial contents will be admitted. Second seasons or continuing seasons already released will not be elegible
The submitted projects should NOT EXCEED 10 minutes in duration – single episodes of serial contents must not exceed 10 minutes as well
The submitted projects MUST have English subtitles embedded on the film if the dialogues are spoken in a language other than English

How much does it cost?
Digita! application costs 10 € for each project submission. The sum is payable only via Paypal at the end of the application submission process. Fee waivers are awarded only in exceptional cases to whoever might benefit from them, and are assigned at the complete discretion of the Torino Short Film Market organisers.

How do I get there?
Torino Short Film Market does not provide any travel refunds to Digita! participants, therefore selected applicants have to pay their travel expenses. However Torino Short Film Market will provide lodging for 2 nights and a free accreditation only to a single representative for the each project selected for the pitching session.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]