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Polish Shorts Networking Breakfast 
Offered by Krakow Film Foundation Sales – Polish Shorts

  • Friday November 22nd, 8:30 am, Magazzini Oz (Via Giolitti 19A, Torino)

(By invitation only) – info@kff.com.pl

A casual get together over a cup of coffee hosted by the Krakow Film Foundation (KFF) to celebrate the wonderful Polish Shorts, which conquer world festivals. Informal networking will follow a short introduction to KFF’s activities and presentation of KFF’s films. Don’t let the early hour discourage you – there will be fantastic people to meet, great topics to talk about, tasty sandwiches and a lot more to enjoy!

Krakow Film Foundation is a non-profit organisation the key objective of which is wide promotion of Polish animated, short fiction and documentary films. KFF is the main organiser of the Krakow Film Festival – one of the oldest European film events. It runs three projects focusing on international promotion of Polish films: Polish Docs, Polish Shorts and Polish Animations. Occasionally KFF distributes documentary films in the territory of Poland. In 2016 the Foundation launched a new activity, KFF Sales & Promotion, which handles sales of Polish documentaries. The Foundation organises numerous events related to film promotion: screenings, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. both in Poland and abroad.

Vallée d’Aoste Networking Breakfast
Offered by Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste

  • Saturday November 23rd, 8:30 am

(By invitation only) – industry@filmcommission.vda.it

The Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste is a non-profit Foundation that aims to attract production companies and promote the regional area of Aosta Valley as a film-friendly environment for all kinds of audio-visual products. It provides free assistance and exclusive opportunities to audio-visual professionals who choose to produce their work in Aosta Valley: Easy and immediate access to any location, quick and simple procedure for obtaining permits, confidential and affordable rates (services and accommodation), consultancy, information and suggestions, staff available for scouting and shooting.
Through its Film Fund, the Film Commission financially supports development and production costs of audio-visual projects from all over the world that use Aosta Valley for their shorts, feature, documentaries, TV and web series. Vallée d’Aoste has set a series of initiatives to foster local entrepreneurship and to reinforce the international network of local professionals. With this aim the Networking Breakfast has been organised within the frame of the Torino Short Film market: discover Aosta Valley, the opportunities of Vallée d’Aoste Film Commission and meet local professionals & projects!

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Creative Europe Desk Italy MEDIA Workshop – SALA BIBLIOTECA” tab_id=”1572357098569-3a1f4edc-5651″][vc_column_text]

Boosting your Film Festival!
Financial Planning, Collaborations and Creativity at Film Festivals

  • Friday November 22nd, 10:00 am

The workshop will provide an insight in successful collaborative projects and creative international network solutions for film events.
An important focus will be dedicated to the new Creative Europe’s scheme for film festivals networks

Curated by Doris Bauer (VIS Vienna Shorts) with contributions by Anne Gaschütz (FILMFEST DRESDEN) and Matt Lloyd (Glasgow Short Film Festival). An introduction is held by Silvia Sandrone (Creative Europe Desk Italy MEDIA).

Registration upon reservation torino@europacreativa-media.it

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Irish Networking Reception 
Offered by the Embassy of Ireland, Italy in the frame of the Focus Scannán na hÉireann, supported by Culture Ireland, Screen Ireland

  • Thursday November 21st, 6:30 pm

(By invitation only)

A networking cocktail reception will follow the panel Green Shot – Why Ireland? Celebrating the Irish Culture and its welcoming traditions, accompanied with food and drinks inspired by the Green Island, the Embassy of Ireland in Italy invites professionals and market participants to in deep the conversation about Irish film festivals and promotions, production opportunities, short film and audio-visual culture in a pleasant, informal environment.

Attending guests of honour: Miriam Allen, Eibh Collins (Galway Film Fleadh), Jennifer Smyth (Screen Ireland), Mich Hannigan (IndieCork), Derry O’Brien (Network Ireland Television), Susanna Pellis (IrishFilmFesta), film producers Fiona Kinsella, Lara Hickney, Claire Mc Cabe, Ronan Cassidy, Jack Hichey and film directors Tristan Heanue, Riognhnach Ní Ghrioghair, Paul Webster.

Celebrating French Cinema Networking Cocktail
On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of UniFrance and 50th anniversary of GREC

  • Friday November 22nd, 6:30 pm

(By invitation only)

Happy birthday to France Cinema! Torino Short Film Market invites markets’ attendees to a toast in honour of UniFrance, body of French cinema’ promotion and to the GREC – Group for Filmmaking Research and Experimentation, respectively for the 70th and the 50th anniversary. Thankful for the strong on-going collaboration, TSFM homages these fundamental Institutions and their profound dedication in short film promotion and production of up-and-coming directors.

TSFM Awards Cocktail

  • Saturday November 23rd, 6:30 pm

(By invitation only)

A collective goodbye to a successful Volume 4 edition and a big welcome to Torino Short Film Market Volume 5 !

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SEEYOUSOUND Meets TSFM @ LAB, Zenith Room 
Curated by Seeyousound Music Film Experience

Seeyousound Music Film Experience puts the dialogue between cinema and music at the heart of its cultural activity, since 2015. During the Torino Short Film Market it will present a special selection of live A/V selected from the most innovative productions of the contemporary Italian scene. We also chose two talented local DJs to let you enjoy the Italian taste for clubbing.


  • Thursday November 21st, 10:30 pm

Starting from the personal search of ATŌMI concerning the use of the resonant frequencies of the solar system planets, passing through the 3D images by Mattia Disisto that widen these concept through an analysis of the dual transience of energy, expressed in the symbolic combination of: micro and macro universes, particles and planets, essence and matter, thus manipulated live by Andrea Vercetti. Followed by Rills dj-set


  • Friday November 22nd, 10:30 pm

Project-TO vs. Avanguadie
Live soundtrack composed by Riccardo Mazza on scenes taken from experimental cinematographic masterpieces of the Twenties and Thirties, chosen and reworked in live video by Laura Pol. In the performance avant-garde cinema is taken from its technical-expressive evolution while it conquers its artistic autonomy on the various aspects and characteristics of filmic language, in relation to other artistic languages such as theater, the arts figurative and music within its formal identification.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”All You Need Is Short – TORINO FILM FESTIVAL” tab_id=”1572357474329-f032fe8d-a035″][vc_column_text]

A special Italian premier program curated by curated by Enrico Vannucci and Massimiliano Nardulli

  • Saturday November 23rd, 3pm, Cinema Reposi 1

Amerigo and the New World (Amerigo et le nouveau monde) by Laurent Crouzeix, Luis Briceño, France / Chile, 2019, 14’
Radiators IP Sales – ben@radiatorsales.eu
Who gave America its name, exactly? A playful flashback on fake news set at the times of the nascent printing industry.

Child by Talia Zucker, USA / Australia, 2019, 11’
Talia Zucker – taliazucker@gmail.com
After the birth of her first child, a young woman in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community struggles to find herself in the new role and connect to her new-born baby.

Exam (Emtehan) by Sonia K. HadadIran, 2019, 15’
Some Shorts – info@someshorts.com
A teenage girl gets involved in the process of delivering a package containing cocaine to a client, but she gets drawn in a weird cycle of occurrences.​

Ghoulish Galactic Grievances by Josh Owen, Canada, 2019, 13’
Josh Owen – joshtimowen@gmail.com
A Ghoul follows her dreams out of a friend filled swamp into emotional outer space. A silent film with voice acting that takes un-dead trillion year old creatures and gives them sweet swampy hearts.

Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend On a Mountain by Bernhard Wenger, Austria, 2019, 13’
Lemonade Films – marija@refreshingfilms.com
Captured with a mobile phone, we see a group of three friends gathering at a ski lodge. Daniel is about to propose to his girlfriend and his friend films the whole thing to remember the best day of their lives.

Salon (Salloni) by Zgjim TerziqiKosovo, 2019, 15’
Valmira Hyseni – valmira.hyseni@gmail.com
The day after a wife murdered her husband, the incident is discussed in a beauty salon were a soon to be wife is in a rush to get ready for her wedding.

Sweet, Salty (Ngọt, Mặn) by Linh Duong, Vietnam, 2019, 19’
Linh Duong – linhduong.films@gmail.com
40-year-old grandma Ha is going on a catfight with her husband’s secret lover tomorrow. Her supporters? A bunch of gossipy neighbours, her Buddhist mom, two full grown daughters, and her unborn baby son.

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