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You’ll pick up your badge at Circolo dei Lettori accreditation desk from from 09.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. from November 21st to 26th.
Regular and already paid accreditation passes can be collected at the desk or requested on the spot at an additional fee of €20 (by cash only, online video library and access to attending professionals database not guaranteed during the market).  Also, special price for Torino Film Festival, TorinoFilmLab accredited people and Europe Creative Workshop registered persons: 10euros (by cash only) on the spot.


As now part of Torino Film Industry, Torino Short Film Market accreditation is evolving, TFI accreditation allows Circolo dei Lettori activities access for one person from 21st to 26th of November. TFI Torino Film Industry gathers 3 events together: Torino Short Film Market, from 21st to 23rd Nov, FCTP Production Days TFF Special event, from 24th to 26th Nov and TorinoFilmLab masterclasses, from 21st to 26th Nov hosted by Torino Short Film Market and FCTP Production Days TFF Special event.
Pitch sessions, Piemonte Lounge, Market Screening, Torino Short Film Market Video Library, VR showcase, masterclasses, workshops and conferences. Lunches and Cocktail are not included but by invitation only. One-to-one meetings by reservation only.
TFI accreditation allows also to be part of TFI network. Using your professional account, from 13rd Nov, you’ll have the possibility to contact the other participants in order to fix appointment and manage your venue.

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Short films market screenings will be at the screening room housed at the Circolo dei Lettori (Sala Musica) running all day from 21st to 23rd of Novembre from 10.00 a.m. to 8 p.m
Access is free for accredited guests on a first-come first-served basis. It is possible only at the changeover times listed in the current program.
Guests holding “TSFM buyers” passes will have priority access to the theater.


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The TSFM Video Library will be launched on line on the 21st of November. All you need to do is to activate your account to the Video Library so you’ll be able to watch short films from your laptop (for regular accreditation only). TSFM Video Library will be available for 6 months.

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The TSFM VR Expriences is open from 10.00 a.m. to 8 p.m. from November 21st to 23rd (Sala Artisti). Guests can go directly to the desk and request entry to the VR Experiences. If all the viewers are busy, you can reserve a seat at a later time. 
Guests holding “TSFM buyer” passes will have priority access to the VR viewers.


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Scheduled one-to-one meetings will take place at the Circolo dei Lettori (Sala Biblioteca), those are dedicated to pitchers and decision makers, exclusively upon reservation directly on site.
To manage your own meetings, you can contact all the accredited guests directly using your account on tsfm.filmchief.com/tfi and connect directly with the professionals attending the market. 


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Informal concept space reserved for Industry meetings and conventions bringing together TFi accredited professionals. The area, furnished with tables, sofas and coffee corner, is opened from 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m from the 21st to the 26th of November.

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TSFM is managing two networking breakfasts. Exclusively upon invitation, networking breakfasts will take place at Magazzini Oz (via Giolitti 19/A).

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Due to the limited room at the Circolo dei Lettori, lunches and cocktails during the Torino Short Film Market will be exclusively dedicated to guests and upon invitation.

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In collaboration with Seeyousound Music Film Experience, Thursday and Friday night, from 10.30 p.m. join us, have a drink and dance in the LAB basement (piazza Vittorio Veneto 13/E). Open to all TFI accredited people upon badge presentation.