Stefano Tealdi, Stefilm producer

Curator of the Torino Short Film Market international pitches

Nowadays, the “pitch” form has become one of the most effective ways for professionals to discover new talents and their projects, distributors and sales agents and even lesser known festivals.

For this reason, in order to avoid missing an opportunity or, even worse, get a bad self-promotion, it is essential that the pitch opens with a good introduction; given the current situation and the need to record live shows and to broadcast them online, this moment is even more fundamental.

Therefore, to support the professionals, their projects and the TSFM pitch sessions, Stefano Tealdi will hold a workshop to lead the selected participants to the most important aspects of a correct exposure.

The pitch training, reserved for the selected of all sections of TSFM vol. 5, will take place online from November 2nd to 7th. Following it, the official videos will be available online on the TSFM vol.5 platform, where you’ll virtually meet the participants.