TSFM Vol. 4



SKEPTO International Film Festival


Presented by: Mauro Montis
Website: www.skepto.net
Contact: mauro@netsoul.net
Country: Italy
City: Cagliari
Edition number as of year 2019: 11th
2020 dates: April 1st–5th


SKEPTO: from the Greek «to see, to watch, to observe, but always in an attentive and critical way, never passive.» SKEPTO International Film Festival is a film festival dedicated to short films. The cultural association Skepto, a non-profit organization born from people who have a great interest in cinema, photography and the visual arts in general, organizes the festival. The festival begins in Cagliari, in the Marina district, where for 4 days the district is transformed into a screen in which to screen the best international courts, and the city turned in the scenario where the meetings between guests and the public take place; and the festival continues in the national territory during the year proposing thematic projections.