A new market?


Like all the events that include people gathering, also the TSFM had to think about its own nature and propose new ways of attending the program. As I write these words, I cannot say what of the old recipe will be kept in the 5th edition. What is sure is that all the professionals of the audiovisual industry – from production companies to theatres, from video streaming services to festivals – had to reconsider their role. The Torino Short Film Market strenght lies in its ability to connect people, in its cosy yet international atmosphere, in the accurate selection of the projects that it presents. This year, all the efforts of the TSFM staff are focused on trying to ensure all the pitch sessions of the last edition, although we know it’s really difficult to find new projects in 2020 due to the forced stop of productions. In order to guarantee a similar trend, if not identical, to previous editions, the TSFM will equip itself with digital tools to allow the audience to participate in the event at least virtually.

We wondered if it was necessary to make a film market event much different to what we were used to. But it was almost immediately clear that blowing up the festival would have been a failure. And a waste. Because we would have wasted the heritage accumulated over four years and jealously guarded and managed by a staff which is more and more qualified and tight-knit.

The Torino Short Film Market keeps growing and living, without waiting for 2021.


Jacopo Chessa
Director of the Torino Short Film Market