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Giovanni ALTIERI

Giovanni Altieri is the Director of Business Affairs Content and Product Placement of RTI Mediaset Group, covering throughout the whole content creation process of Mediaset Group.


Director of Filmets Badalona Film Festival, as well as BCN Sports Film and program planner of Subtravelling Barcelona (the cinema festival in the subway of Barcelona). Director of the program Curtcircuit 33 of TV3 Televisió de Catalunya (international short films broadcasting). Member of the Catalan Academy of Cinema (Acadèmia de Cinema Català) and member of CFF Catalunya Film Festivals.


CEO and Co-founder of Sofy.tv, which is a video-on-demand platform exclusively for films shorter than 40 minutes. Sofy.tv is originated as a start-up from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, a leading technical universities in the world. Arpa is also a Filmmaker, who has directed two short films and the president of Ouchy Film Awards.


Writer & producer of TV cartoons since 1987. Creater of a platform for animated shows & several blogs. Co-writer two books on TV series (Seriescopie & Créatures, les monstres de la television). Creater of the Web Series World Cup. Writer of a guide to the best web series. He is teaching narrative short form & giving lectures for cinema & TV schools. Member of the Webfest Berlin board of advisors since 2016.


I am head of content at SkyLights. I Previously worked for Wide. I had 8 years of experience in entertainment industry in Lithuania and in France. In particularly I’m interested in VR narrative content and other forms of interactive storytelling.

Joao Garçao BORGES

Cinema and TV programmer, director, producer, screenwriter, editor and film critic. He has been working in Cinema since 1974. In 1979 joined the Radio e Televisão de Portugal, where he developed several projects. He was responsible for all fiction (co-) production and programming, among them Onda Curta (now integrated in Shortsplanet), which is a special format for short films selected from all over the world.


Producer at Les Films d’Ici for more than 14 years. The company has expanded over the last 30 years by staying faithful to writers & directors & accompanying new talent. Its catalogue contains over 800 films: major feature length documentaries, drama, one hour documentaries, animation, interactive projects across all production and distribution formats, with a strong presence on international markets & festivals.


Founder and Managing Director of Ensoki Productions GmbH and since 2014 the CEO of Webfest Berlin, the first international festival in Germany dedicated to short form digital series from around the world. From 2005 until 2012 she was a Producer at Take Stock Productions. From 2010 until 2012 the Production Coordinator at Picture This Television & she owned Et Tu Tableau from 2012 until 2018.


He is a film director and producer. He graduated the Albanian Academy of Arts in Tirana, Albania, has worked as a film director and producer for many years and is actually the Chairman of The Albanian National Centre of Cinematography, the official institution of Albanian cinema.


Ruth currently manages international shortfilm acquisitions & programming for Metrópolis, a television programme on Spanish Public Television Network. For this programme she has produced ‘one person’ chapters on artists & known international media arts events. She gives lectures, participates in round tables on festivals & as jury or assessor in shortfilm pitching sessions & collaborates regularly in different artistic Spanish publications.

Enrica CAPRA

Founder and CEO of Graffiti Doc/Graffiti Film, a Turin based company set up in 2004, she has produced mainly award-winning documentaries for the international market, both for TV and for theatrical release, selected at international festivals, and distributed all over the world. In recent years she’s been devoting more and more to fiction, and is currently in pre-production with an adaptation from the novel Sottosopra by Sardinian celebrated writer Milena Agus directed by Antonello Murgia.

Aurélie CHESNÉ

As the program advisor for short films Chesné schedules the shorts shown on France 3 in “Libre Court”. She is also the buyer of short films from overseas for France télévisions. Since 2007 she works in France Télévisions, where she previously had a position in the Documentaries Department in France 5. Before that she was active in the live show sector and as first assistant director on short films.


At the end of 2012, Clinet created an annual selection of short films made by women. In 2016, after 3 years of major events, Audrey founded the company Eroïn Productions, becoming then a sales agent and a producer. In April 2018, she decided to create the American structure with her partner Laura Fierer, who was her producer in 2011. Eroïn starts also a new activity: Management. Since 2012, Audrey has promoted 50 female directors around the world.


Italian journalist, television author, anchorwoman and actress. She worked for Rai, Sky, Class News and Class CNBC. Since 2012 she is Art Director of the Roma Web Fest, as well as its creator & founder. She teached at the Sapienza University of Roma, Università Salesiana and the GiffoniAcademy. At Palomar Television & Film production she was responsible for web product development and Social Management.


After a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema & Semiotics and a Master’s degree in Management of Cultural Goods and Activities, Agata is now International Distribution Assistant at Diversion cinema. She’s in charge of following international VR festivals and events.


General Manager of Ouat Media, an international sales and distribution company specializing in short films, who has represented eleven Academy Award® nominated short films including three winners. Former film producer & broadcast programmer for example at Sundace Channel Canada. Chair in festival juries including the Toronto & Cannes Film Festival. Board member of Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre.

Daniel EBNER

He is artistic director of the Oscar- and EFA-accredited short film festival VIS Vienna Shorts in Austria. He holds a master’s degree in political science and was cultural editor of the Austrian Press Agency. As founder of the Forum of Austrian Film Festivals and the “Fair Festival Work Now” initiative, he has been advocating better working conditions in the festival sector for years.


Claudio Falconi, 1984, started as a Actor/Musician, but soon decided to have a more active role in the Industry. After the Los Angeles Film School he moves back to Italy, where he make is way from assistant director to producer. Last work he produced are: S is for Stanley, a David di Donatello winner documentary directed by Alex Infascelli, and Monolith, directed by Ivan Silvestrini and co-produced by Sky Italia and Sergio Bonelli Editore. In 2017 he joins Sky Italia, where he serves as a producer in the Scripted Production Department.

Lyan FAN

Launched in 2013, Les Valseurs have been developing fiction, animation and documentaries. Their most recent production, Ayce Kartal’s Kötü Kiz won, among others, Clermont-Ferrand’s Grand Prix and Annecy’s Jury Award. In 2018, Liyan FAN joined Les Valseurs team as a sales and distribution assistant.


Born and raised in L’Aquila, he lives in Rome. Graduated in law in Paris, he know writes for “HuffPost It” and “Il Foglio”.

Pascale FAURE

One of the leading specialists for short films in France. For 20 years she has been working in the field of cinema and artistic creation. Since 2001 she is in charge of the department of Short Programs and Creations at Canal+. In addition she is the Producer of L’oeil de Links, a webzine about the creative activity on the net and Top of the shorts, the weekly magazine of short film on Canal +.

Leonardo FERRARA

Leonardo Ferrara has been working in Raifiction since 1996, and he produced many tv series such as Un medico in famiglia (from third season to tenth), È arrivata la felicità (first and second season) and Lo zio d’America. He also produced some miniseries, a sit comedy and a short comedy. He has been one of the promoters of the contest “La Bottega delle web series” and Rainventarai.


Chiara Fortuna has been working at the Italian General Directorate for Cinema of the Italian Ministry of Culture since 2009. She is the Italian representative of The Creative Europe Programme in Brussels. Prior to working in the film industry, Chiara worked as a communication officer for the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) of the United Nation in Rome.


In 2014, she joined Pandora Film as Creative Producer, a newly created position to carry projects during development and oversee the German side of international co-productions, of all projects produced by company owner and co-founder Reinhard Brundig. Nina joined Pandora Film after over a decade experience in film production. She was a participant at EAVE’s 2010 European Producer’s Workshop.

Marco Valerio FUSCO

Sales manager with a ten-year experience in the industry. Since 2013 is also responsible for acquisitions. EAVE Producer Workshop 2017 graduates. M & D Workshop 2011 at MBS.


Born in Dresden, Anne Gaschützmoved to England after school andlater studied Film in Wales. Upon returning to Dresden, she experienced all of the stages in film production at the Dresden-based production company filoufilm. She subsequently worked on numerous short film projects. She has been a member of the selection committee for the International Competition of FILMFEST DRESDEN since 2013 and is also responsible for the coordination of the festival and the platform Visegrád in Short(s).

Christine GENDRE

Head of the short film service at UniFrance for thirty years. Christine Gendre exercises her reign with passion. Acting as an ambassador to festival programmers, distributors and foreign buyers, her rich knowledge of the heritage of the short format allows her to accompany works of all kinds by providing advice to directors, actors and producers.


After four years in Media Salles, and several experiences in marketing and business development, she became in 2018 Manager International Marketing for Nexo Digital.


As President and Artistic Director of Premio Solinas Granatello develops new projects and supports rising cinematic talents as well as the production of documentaries, short films, low budget films and web series. She worked for the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities from 2012 until 2013. In 1999 she originated Arià Film and in 2001 she was one of the founders of Associazione Culturale Apollo 11.

Gianluca GUZZO

Guzzo studied classical dance & computer engineering in Milan. He started his professional career as a dancer, developping a deep sense for aesthetic and the ability to interpret fashion trends. In 2000 he started MYmovies.it and in 2010 he launched the streaming platform for art house films. He co-produced the movie Louisiana by Roberto Minervini and, in 2018, he confirmed the co-production for What You Gonna Do When the World’s on Fire.


Patrick Hernandez is a producer of short films, documentaries and independent cinema. He was assistant director at the beginning of his career. Then, he founded Bagan Films for fiction and documentary productions, Next Film for distribution and TV sales, and Baghera Films for video clip and publicity. He produced in 2012 the feature film Chaos by Etienne Faure with Sonia Rolland, Isaac Bankole, Niels Schneider.

Leslie JACOB

Leslie graduated from the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis with a Master’s degree in “International business” during which she studied the production systems of France and Italy. She worked as an intern at the Latina Film Commission before entering the French Riviera Film Commission. She joins Adastra Films in 2016 as an assistant producer before becoming a producer in the company.


From 2010 to 2013 she was Digital Marketing Strategist and Content Manager for the Italian leading textbook publisher Zanichelli Editore. She has been Head of Digital for the film production company Tempesta since 2013, focusing both on product development and production, and working on experimental interactive storytelling projects and TV series. Since 2015 she’s editor for scripted projects.

Morgane LE MOINE

Morgane Le Moine is a Creative Executive and Executive Producer at blackpills, an insurgent global entertainment company that produces, acquires and distributes premium content across multiple platforms. The studio and mobile-first platform was launched in 2017, and now holds the largest short form library around the world, reaching millions of subscribers in over 30 countries.


After a Master degree in Cinema, Jim Martín worked in festival sales for Playtime, where he participated in the worldwide distribution of 120 BPM. Early 2018 he has joined the team of Capricci, a French production, distribution and sales company, where he handles festivals and international sales of the feature films and short films catalog.


He is Partner and General Manager of Proxima Milano, one of the leading VFX studios in Italy. Producer of Ultra Reality and of the Digita!’s VR section. Author of the original concept In Music VR Experience. Since 2015, he has been responsible for the development of the Proxima Milano’s R&D department, dedicated to the creation, production and distribution of the most innovative technologies for Extended Reality experiences.

Oliver MEND

Oliver Mend is a director, writer and actor of innovative audiovisual formats. He co-directs the Bilbao Seriesland Festival in Bilbao. He started off in this field when he co-direct the critic claimed digital series Gifted Corporation, the most awarded web series from Spain.

Alessandra MILETTO

Alessandra Miletto graduated in Film Studies in Turin. She has taught and researched Film Education and she worked as production manager for Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste until 2013 when she is appointed director of the foundation. From 2015 she’s international consultant for Italian Film Commissions Association and MIBAC and festival programmer and coordinator. In 2017 she is appointed director of Film Commission Vallée d’Aoste again.

Jean-Charles MILLE

After 6 years working in the financial markets, I created Premium Films in 1998 with the idea to sell new contents to new medias (internet, mobile) in specializing in short films. Created in 1998 Premium Films is a film sales company based in France and initially specialized in short film distribution. We represent many internationally acclaimed Academy Award and Palme d’Or winning shorts films. Over the last years we expanded the activity to include acting as a sales agent for feature films, unique, daring and engaging productions from all over the world.

Annamaria MORELLI

She is a producer with years of experience in Cinema and TV series. She began to work for Rai as story editor, then she joined Mediaset and collaborated with them many years producing many Italian hit TV series. During her career she has often been focused on talent scouting with regard to original projects of emerging authors and directors and has been involved in important, successful film company start-up.

Andamion MURATAJ

The writer and director Andamion Murataj, is the Balkan Film Market director. For past fifteen years has been working between United States and Albania. In 2011 he received The Silver Bear for the Best Screenplay at the Berlin International Film Festival 2011 for the feature film The Forgiveness of Blood. He believes that there are no great or small stories to tell, but stories that concern or unconcern you in the most personal sense. In his film work, he is especially intrigued by stories that decode and interpret the traditional archetypes of social behaviour in modern era. Murataj holds an MFA in Film and Electronic Media from the American University Washington DC.


Fiction & documentary films producer for french & international broadcasters. Associated producer of La Générale de Production company. He is the founder of I Love Transmedia, a major event promoting innovation in content creation. He teaches innovative storytelling in several schools & trains professionals. He is also regularly asked for being jury for grants (CNC, SACD…) & prizes.


Riema Reybrouck is the founding partner of Post bills PR. They strongly believe in working closely with festival programmers, producers, directors and composers early on in the process of films, scores, series or events. Not only by helping them with press, marketing and social media but also by thinking about the right tone of communication for all their materials, towards investors, programmers, industry & audiences.

Manuela RIMA

She works at Rai Cinema, in the marketing field as a research and production manager for content specialized to the web site dedicated to cinema. She started working for Mediaset as a director of TV programs, in 2006 she moved to Rome in order to follow her passion for cinema and here she worked on several movie sets, since 2011 she has become part of Rai Cinema’s staff.


Avid short film consumer, Céline joined the Short of the Week team two years ago, first as an intern then as a programmer/contributor and recently became their festival coordinator. She also screens for various festivals and is on the programming team of the Palm Springs International ShortFest.


Since 17 years Ruggeri works as International Tv Marketing and Programming Analyst at RTI, Mediaset Group, where she is currently in charge of the Short Film Selection for the pay tv channels of the Group. She teaches at the Catholic University in Milan (Writing and Producing for Tv and Cinema) and has published works on the fiction and international tv markets as well as short films.


The Creative Europe Desk Italy for the Media Sub-programme is the national information and promotion office that ofers free advice and help filmmakers and all audiovisual industry professionals to apply to the media’s funding schemes and benefit from the support system. Besides offering information on the various MEDIA funding and networking opportunities, our offices host and attends event across Italy to promote the programme. CED Italy Media consists of three offices (Rome, Turin and Bari) operating within Istituto Luce and Mibac. Creative Europe is the European Union’s programme to support the cultural, creative and audiovisual sectors. Launched in January 2014, Creative Europe brings together a Culture sub-programme, which provides funding for the cultural and creative sectors, and a MEDIA sub-programme, which invests in film, television, new media and games.


Pioneering the online scripted short form genre in France, she produced the first Studio 4 & Arte France online series which will be adapted for Netflix. She worked for major media players: TF1 Group, FremantleMedia, Gaumont, Newen as commissioning editor, creative executive, head of drama, advisor & producer. Now she is consulting emerging talents by implementing their strategy towards the global content market.


From 2008 to 2015, Eva Schweizer was a member of the Selection Team and Program Coordination for shnit International Shortfilmfestival (Berne, Switzerland). From 2011, she is the Program Planner at SRF (Swiss Radio and Television) in Zurich, Switzerland. She recommends short films for acquisition and put together different short film programs, like Short Film Night in December, for two TV channels, SRF 1 and SRF zwei.


Writer-creative producer of tv series & documentaries. He is a contributor at Nova Il sole24ore. Since 2000 Scuccimarra is an international Shortfilms acquisition and programming consultant at NBC Universal Italy. From 2004 until 2007 he was a Consultant at Fox Intl Channels Italy.

Daniele SEGRE

Daniele Segre has been head of production at the Film Commission Torino Piemonte. He founded Redibis Film (www.redibisfilm.it) in 2012 with Daniele De Cicco, a production company based in Turin born with the ambition of realizing films with a wide appeal, in co-production with international partners. He is production and distribution advisor of the TorinoFilmLab.


Experienced CEO at Brandon Box with a demonstrated history of working in the motion pictures and film industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Branded Content, Digital Strategy, Tv Series and Movie Production. Founder and Broad Member of Impersive, the only 360 3D full body in motion video productions company (& post production) for Virtual Reality storytelling from advertising to educational.


Salar Shahna is the Creative Director and CEO of the World VR Forum. His expertise in the uses and the market of VR leads him to participate as an expert in major events throughout globe (NabShowShanghai, Sundance Film Festival, EMTS…). He moved from cinema to VR in 2015. In 2014, Salar’s rewarded for the transmedia strategy on Claude Barras’ film My Life as a Zucchini (Cannes 2016, Oscars 2017 nominee) with Rita Productions.


Eva Thunell is a serial entrepreneur, gamechanger and always working with equality, democracy and sustainability. She worked in the feature film and fiction department at Swedish Television, ran parts of Stockholm International Film Festival for the festivals first 7 years, initiated the arts & IT program for Stockholm Culture capital program. She decided to explore the marketing and sales business and built a global network and worked as a management consultant. She’s working to disrupt the short films industry and support filmmakers to market their films in a completely new way to a new mass audience.


She is a filmmaker and visual artist that currently lives in Bucharest, and works as a Creative Producer for Studioset. She graduated a post-MA course at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, Critical Images: Dignity and Representation, created by the anonymous documentary collective Abounaddara and holds an MFA in Film and Video Production from Syracuse University, New York.


Since 1978, she has been working as Secretary of Production and Secretary of Jury at the International Art and Film Exhibition of Venice. Since 1985, she’s been working at Rai, RaiUno, focusing on the production cinema. Since 1998, she became Manager in charge of the Production and Coproduction sector at Rai Cinema. Since 2015 she is Deputy Director of RaiGold with responsibility for the Rai Movie channel.


After graduating, he discovered NISI MASA – European Network of Young Cinema where he became the Head of the Script Department and the Project manager of the MEDIA funded project, European Short Pitch. On the side, he founded Sireal Films where he produced the VAF funded short film empire. Furthermore, he’s a member of the Selection Committee for the Official Short Film Competition of the Cannes Film Festival.


Remco has worked in the field of new media since the middle of the 90s. He is an editor and creative producer at Submarine Channel – a production and distribution platform for digital storytelling projects in Amsterdam. He currently works on the interactive graphic novels Ascent from Akeron and Exodus, and on a couple of short film and VR projects. He also launched Screendiver.com – a new directory for interactive comics.


Volanen is a Producer and Programmer at YLE – Finnish Broadcasting Company, a commissioning editor of shorts and documentaries produced by independent production companies in Finland. In charge of the strand Uusi Kino (New Cinema) where the commissioned films are presented with additional films around the world. She was a member of Eurodoc 2006, Eave 2000, Tampere filmfestival 2017.


Rich Warren is the Festival Director for Encounters, the UK’s leading short film, animation and VR celebration for new and emerging talent in the moving image. The 25th edition of the festival takes place between 24-29 September 2019. Rich holds and an MFA in Curating and began at the festival in 2008, he has also supported talent with additional roles including Talent Scout for the NFTS, UK.

Andrea WHYTE

Andrea Whyte is the Director of Commercial Content Strategy at Spafax, where she works with airline clients to create innovative inflight entertainment strategies. She manages film acquisitions, oversees the development of brand partnerships and leads a global team of film programmers.


Wieszczecinski is active in the film industry since 12 years as a programmer, critic and distributor. He established a new curated on-line film streaming service with editorial and screening component mainly devoted to emerging cinematic talent. At Kinoscope he now works as programmer and developer for new, innovative models of film distribution across the world.

Elaine WONG

Elaine is a film programmer and VR film distributor. She is a programme advisor for short film for the BFI London Film Festival. Since 2016, she has produced the Alternate Realities Market at Sheffield Doc/Fest, for non-fiction projects using VR and Emerging Technologies. She is Distribution Manager of Other Set, a company specialising in distributing VR content.


Coming from a legal background with focus on media and entertainment law, Ondrej is currently pursuing his passion for the film and entertainment industry through acquisitions and programming at Shorts International’s London offices, whilst negotiating contracts for broadcasting, distribution as well as theatrical compilation rights for the Oscar nominated short films.