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-22,7° by Jan Kounen

An iceberg is cracking, the ice flow is breathing and a sled dog is howling… Electronic music producer Molecule cuts himself off in a hunter village in Greenland. He records sounds of the Arctic to compose.

Country France / Belgium
Production company Zorba Production, Arte France, Novelab, DV Group, Production 21
Budget in place 517.000€
Contact a.leduc@zorba-group.com

Lake Baikal: The Science, Spirituality & Politics of Extreme Water by Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov

Lake Baikal is the oldest, deepest, most voluminous body of fresh water on earth – 20% of all the liquid fresh water – located in Siberia. Despite its massive size and remote location Baikal’s ecosystem is fragile. This VR experience will transport viewers to Baikal. It will convey the spiritual dimension this exceptional natural environment; Baikal’s aquatic ecosystem is unique, under threat and authorities aren’t doing enough to protect it.

Country USA
Production company MediaCombo Productions
Budget in place 44.829€
Contact michael@mediacombo.net

Leonardo: Doubts of a Genius by Matteo Lonardi

“Doubts of a genius” is a VR series that looks at mythical historical artists through a human lens. Through historically accurate character-driven narratives, the audience will empathize with figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Caravaggio and many others in very particular emotional moments of their lives.

Country Italy / Germany
Production company Reframe VR
Budget in place 60.000€
Contact francescoemanuelelonardi@gmail.com

Mare Nostrum. L’incubo (Mare Nostrum. The Nightmare) by Stefania Casini, Pascal Hanke

MN-The Nightmare is a narrative project, live-action virtual reality 360 °. The viewer will become one of the migrants during a nightmare journey. Four scenes in a tour de force of feelings from the farewell to the old mother asking us to protect her young son to the prison in Libya where we will experience humiliation, fear, anguish until the boarding on an old boat where we will live a dramatic shipwreck.

Country Italy / Germany
Production company Tama Filmproduktion, Bizef Produzione Srl
Budget in place 140.400€
Contact flavia@intrigointernazionale.com

Nel giardino della follia (In the Garden of Madness) by Girolamo da Schio

In the garden of madness is a VR short movie based on Edmondo De Amicis 1902’s novel. As a modern Dante Alighieri, the main character dives down into his personal Inferno: a female’s mental asylum, hosting his jealous wife, crowded with ill or freewill women and patriots. The viewer will follow the guided tour between what we used to call mental illness, recollecting the living memories of a bad ending love story.

Country Italy
Production company ToVR, Kublai Film
Budget in place None
Contact gabriela@kublaifilm.com

Sol-Air (Surface to Air) by Mihai Grecu

Sol-Air is a VR fiction where the spectator can choose between 2 points of view. Aaron, an Air Force drone pilot, is on an air monitoring a huge oil field in a desert. During his mission, his drone meets a magnificent eagle guided by Azad, a falconer who lives in a small farm. One day, a sabotage creates chaos on the oil field. Aaron and Azad find themselves forced to act against each other in the tragic conflict which is beyond their control.

Country France
Production company Barberousse Films
Budget in place 39.000€
Contact francois@barberousse-films.com


Dear Mankind by Floris Asche, Woitek Konzal

Dear Mankind is an science-fiction comedy series about astronaut Jan. He has been in space for years and is bored out of his mind. He’s on asteroid watch in Earth orbit, but there are no asteroids in sight. His only companion is the KI Dora. In his small space capsule, Jan almost goes crazy – then an asteroid appears. We released a pilot episode and shot almost all of the first season. The first season is 5 episodes (app. 12 minutes each).

Country Germany
Production company Dadam GbR
Budget in place 30.000€
Contact floris.asche@gmx.de

DoXa by Alexandre Pierrin, Olivier Marquezy

Working as a researcher for a polling institute, Arthur, a statistics genius, is not averse to a little chemical assistance to brighten the grey skies of his everyday world. One day, he accidentally reverses the results of a poll, but nobody notices. Worse, his conclusions turn out to be right! Realising how much power he has in his hands, Arthur begins to ‘adjust’ all the surveys he interprets.

Country France
Production company La Générale de Production
Budget in place 220.000€
Contact francois@lageneraledeproduction.com

Government of Children by Ioana Mischie

An aspirational and social awareness-driven cinematic journey. Our core intention is to document the visions of children worldwide on how they would solve real-world problems and how would they design the future of their societies if they would be the leaders. The webseries would archive their views creatively, while offering a time capsule that portrays our times.

Country Romania / USA / South Africa / Argentina / Australia / China / Italy
Production company Storyscapes
Budget in place 50.000€
Contact ioana_mischie@yahoo.com

Hermann Sox by Corinne Le Hong

Drinking and driving. Not a good idea? Wait until you meet Hermann the sock. He drives a Mercedes cab and drinks Jägermeister from a straw. You got a problem? Take a ride with him and his bad advice will turn out to be the benediction of your life.

Country Germany
Production company Dubdolls
Budget in place None
Contact corinne@dubdolls.com

Sex & the Six Teens by Bora Omeroglu

Story of six teenagers who know nothing about life and sex except what they have seen in the movies and the funny situations they put themselves in as they try to imitate the plots of their favorite films trying to discover the mysteries of the opposite gender. Coupling meets Gossip Girl.

Country Turkey
Production company More Simple
Budget in place None
Contact contact@boraomeroglu.com

Sur la voix (Hello Lisa) by Thomas Veyrier, Thibault Marthi

Tomorrow when after a political escalation the war took over and countries fate rely on survivors. Alcide’s personal quest is reached by his desire to find his family. Lisa is willing to help him to find them in return of a favor.

Country France
Production company Gaiart Gallery
Budget in place 5.000€
Contact veyrierthomas@gmail.com

La vie des drones (Drones life) by Matthieu Spinazzola

There is an island where drones have become alive, independent, autonomous, and free! Faced with the phenomenon that has originated on the island of Dö, the scientific world is stunned. A film crew is charged with accompanying scientists on site, to make a documentary series. Accounts must be made of the behavior of these drones, which far exceed their robot status that was known until now.

Country France
Production company Akatimi
Budget in place 10.000€
Contact matthieuspinazzola@hotmail.com

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AVANOS by Panagiotis Charamis
from the shortfilm Avanos by Panagiotis Charamis, Greece, 2018, 20’

Country Greece
Type of project Feature film
Production company 2D2R
Directed by Panagiotis Charamis
Budget in place None (Granted development funding from the Greek Film Centre)
Contact p.charamis@gmail.com

Avanos tells the story of Tasos, who comes out of prison after 10 years for a murder he commited on a smuggling job by the river Evros, the natural border between Greece and Turkey. Tasos, who has found God in prison and struggles with the idea that he took a man’s life, returns to his hometown to win his family back and take them away from that sinful place, where drug smuggling and human trafficking have taken over the whole town. He soon realizes though, that his son not only does not want to follow him but he is becoming what Tasos once used to be. Shaken by all this, Tasos is forced to make a deal with his vicious uncle and ex-partner in crime, the local Godfather in order to save his son and the woman he loves from a dark future. The last “job” he accepts to do though goes wrong, he is betrayed by his uncle, his son gets killed and Tasos, a typical tragic hero is left to face his own destiny and take one more life, this time that of his own uncle and once father figure to him.

BABYLON by Keith Deligero
from the shortfilm Babylon by Keith Deligero, Philippines, 2017, 20

Country Philippines, Thailand
Type of project Feature film
Production company Deligero & Co
Directed by Keith Deligero
Budget in place 14.717€
Contact bowsupatcha@gmail.com

Future. In a futuristic Philippines, extraterrestrials have taken over. Two young ladies, Dawn and Saab are members of the Katipunan, a revolutionary society that has existed since 1892 in the Spanish occupation. When Dawn is pulled over by the alien government for a civilian check-up, she escapes and travels back in time with Saab to revise history and make a better future.
1942. The Americans are here. Paul is toiling through farm life in rural Philippines. Life is beautiful like an Amorsolo painting but beneath it all, red murder plots are brewing.The Japanese are coming to rid the country of its American tenants but this danger is nothing compared to the arrival of our two heroines.
1976. People in a remote village live in suspicion. The small town dictator is accused of ordering the murder of a family in order to take their land. Jay and Irma are the local resistance. Together with Dawn and Saab, they orchestrate a killing spree against the dictator.

CASABLANCA by Adriano Valerio
from the shortfilm Mon Amour Mon Ami by Adriano Valerio, Italy, 2017, 16’

Country Italy, France, Morocco
Type of project Feature film
Production company Dugong Films
Directed by Adriano Valerio
Budget in place 79.000€
Contact adriano_valerio@hotmail.com

Mon Amour Mon ami is a short film, shot in 2016. In order to allow Fouad to get his Visa, Daniela accepts to marry him. But very quickly she realizes that Fouad has real feelings for her and she changes her mind.The film premiere in Venice is the best day of their life but the aftermath is cruel. Despite their dreams they are not going to become Hollywood stars.
Fouad still has to struggle in order to get a Visa. It’d allow him to go see his family after ages and meet Fatima, a Moroccan woman who fell in love with him after watching the short film. The Visa would also allow him to have access to the healthcare he badly needs. He finds a new housing solution, and hopes to find a solution. But Italian elections take place and the new ruling Party plays hard against immigrants. Fouad feels stranded and starts drinking again, after years. His new dream is to go back to Casablanca, but he feels ashamed of having wasted such a long time abroad without having made any money or healed himself.

HANA’S LAST DAY by Ines Moldavsky
from the shortfilm The men behind the wall by Ines Moldavsky, Israel, 2017, 28

Country Israel / Germany
Type of project Feature film
Production company None
Directed by Ines Moldavsky
Budget in place None
Contact ines.moldavsky@gmail.com

Hana is a 31-years-old former Jewish orthodox girl, living in Jerusalem. She lost contact with her family since leaving the religious community, but her hopes of forgetting her past seem unattainable, as she is haunted by a dark family secret from her old life. Hana’s greatest dream is to obtain a European passport and emigrating from Israel. She works as a video editor for the news of a major Israeli channel, a job she deeply detests. Real news footage expressing the contemporary reality of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is interwoven with the plot, in the scenes at Hana’s workplace. As Hana’s wish of leaving Israel seems increasingly impossible, she drowns her sorrow in binge-eating attacks and casual Tinder sex. Hana is getting frantic and desperate, while the news show how the political situation in Israel getting worse. One day Hana decides to take a final, desperate attempt to take her life in her own hands, and of course it involves Tinder.

EMERGENCY EXIT by Bogdan Muresanu
from the shortfilm The Christmas Gift by Bogdan Muresanu, Romania, 2018, 23’

Country Romania
Type of project Feature film
Production company Kinotopia Srl
Directed by Bogdan Muresanu
Budget in place 247.500€
Contact bogdan@kinotopia.ro

At the end of the 80’s, Romania lived through dark times during which only humor remained for those who had lost all the rest: from dignity, abandoned in the endless queues, to the hope lost after decades of communism. Emergency Exit a film composed of four narrative parts, four personal histories that sometimes intersect, stories told with a humour with absurd nuances (as absurd as the whole system at that time), although in a realistic, almost documentary-like manner, in the sense that I will use archive images from that year. In fact, the film opens with pictures from the TVR archive, where a group of actors and extras are on the stage for the New Year’s show (which was never broadcast).
Several characters appear in front of the camera and recite patriotic wishes for the leader. The camera, however, stops on one of the characters, at which point we will hear replies from the back.

SABINE by Sylvain Robineau
from the shortfilm Sabine by Sylvain Robineau, France, 2016, 14’

Country France
Type of project Feature film
Production company Filmo 2
Directed by Sylvain Robineau
Budget in place 15.000€
Contact prod@filmo.biz

Patrick, 50 years old he’s the owner of a video club. Since his wife left him, he fell into melancholia. In order to overcome his pain he decides, one day, to make a tribute film dedicated to his wife. He starts filming the funniest situations with his smartphone screaming her name: Sabine. He gets caught in the game and he starts filming other stories with the same concept: tormented men in quest of their lost lovers. He will find a precious partner and a source of inspiration in Laura, his young neighbor. What it was supposed to be a personal and intimate project will, unexpectedly turn into something much bigger.

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Cellu l’art Short Film Festival

Every April, Cellu l’art Short Film Festival presents international short films in Jena, Germany. This young and vibrant university city comes alive with screenings and live events revolving around shorts of all types: fiction, animation, documentary and experimental. Core of the festivals builds the international competition, alongside with an annual country focus, workshops, filmmakers in focus and open-air screenings throughout the week.

Presented by Nadine Katschmarek
Website www.cellulart.de
Contact nadine.katschmarek@cellulart.de

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival & Market

The Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival is the world’s largest film festival dedicated to short films. In term of audience and professional presence, it is the second largest film festival in France after Cannes. The festival is at the heart of many activities and missions conducted all year long by the collective Sauve qui peut le court métrage. The association employs 18 permanents, all based in Auvergne, where a whole dynamic around cinema has been created.

Presented by Anne Parent
Website www.clermont-filmfest.org
Contact a.parent@clermont-filmfest.org

Figari Film Fest

Born in 2011 in the north of Sardinia, Figari Film Fest is an event focused on young and independent cinema, short films, and young directors’ debuts. The festival is part of Olbia Film Network, industry event and international audiovisual market. Matchmaking, co-production, pitching forums, panel, discussions and projections are the tools with which we try to reach our goal: the development of a young and independent film industry.

Presented by Matteo Pianezzi
Website www.figarifilmfest.it
Contact market@figarifilmfest.it

Go Shorts

Go Short is the main short film festival in the Netherlands. Aside from the competitions with the best recent short films, the festival offers an extensive program of special screenings, events, talks and parties for the public, filmmakers, film professionals and stakeholders. Examples of this are the Industry Day, full of meetings and sessions for professionals, and the Go Short Campus, a five-day training program for young talented filmmakers.

Presented by Niels Ketelaars
Website www.goshort.nl
Contact niels@goshort.nl

International KisaKes Short Film Festival

KısaKes was founded by young short-filmmakers that share the same passion for discovering new perspectives of cinema. We introduce and unite filmmakers across the globe for a week that they can join workshops, master classes, and the pitching platform. Our international partners (Cannes, Sarajevo, BuSho, Tel-Aviv…) distribute and fund our selected projects that become the part of the KısaKes Family.

Presented by Arya Su Altıoklar
Website www.kisakes.org
Contact aryasu@kisakes.org

Regard – Festival international du court métrage au Saguenay

Regard is one of the most important short film festivals in North America. Each year, the event, which was founded in 1995, presents around 200 international and Canadian shorts. Regard is a gateway to the Americas for short films and an international launch pad for Canadian cinema. Each year, Regard gathers about 450 professionals who present their films or participate in the Short Film Market.

Presented by Mélissa Bouchard
Website www.festivalregard.com
Contact programmation@festivalregard.com

Short Waves Festival

Short, concise, diverse. Short Waves Festival is an international short film festival from Poznań, Poland. Six festival days include screenings of 300 films for a total audience of about 7000 film lovers. The program consists of competition screenings, non-competition program, educational and industry activities. SWF sets new trends in event-cinema field, creating site-specific film installations in unexpected locations or organizing exciting special events.

Presented by Emilia Mazik
Website www.shortwaves.pl
Contact emilia@adarte.pl

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Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Animation Dept.

The Animation dept. of CSC produced 60 diploma shorts, several commissioned films, collaborated in the production of alumni projects. Its production, regularly selected at main international animation festivals, was awarded the European Animation Award 2017 for Best Student Film and a “Corto d’Argento” by National Union of Film Journalists for the whole of its production (2008; 2015).

Country Italy
Number of short films 60
Presented by Chiara Magri
Website www.cscanimazione.it
Contact chiara.magri@fondazionecsc.it

Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – Production

CSC Production line up includes a selection of the best titles, some of which have been presented at the Venice International Film Critics Week, Cannes-Cinéfondation, Rome Film Fest and Camerimage.

Country Italy
Number of short films 9
Presented by Vanessa Zerda
Website www.cscproduction.it
Contact b.dante@cscproduction.it

Elenfant Distribution

Amazing stories, unforgettable faces, original mise-en-scène, variety of genres. This distribution season opens with new acquisitions and awards in Venice, where Parru pi tia and Il mondiale in piazza won I Love Gai and Migrarti. La bête and Aquarium give goosebumps, Peggie moves you, Julkita by Netflix star Humberto Busto is visionary. Music, sexuality, supernatural, violence, loneliness, religion – that’s just a taste of 17 powerful films.

Country Italy
Number of short films 17
Presented by Adam Selo
Website www.elenfantdistribution.com
Contact elenfantdistribution@gmail.com


Diversity of shorts from different places, storytellers or genres; the darkness of tender Bani, the revenge behind a birthday Wish or the ode to the silent co-protagonists of films in The Background, discover fantasy into Roberta’s Living Room or in the old bookstore where The Boldman’s Chronicles comes to life, the well received in festivals Silent Please or an invitation to think on ourselves as Self, only few of all that you can find with us.

Country Spain
Number of short films 630
Presented by Millan Vazquez-Ortiz
Website www.feelsales.com
Contact millanvazquez@feelsales.com


In its first 2 years of existence, Manifest received more than 1,300 festival selections and 300 awards, including Cannes, Locarno, Oberhausen, Edinburgh and Clermont-Ferrand. Among their most notable success stories, 5 Years After the War (70 selections), Delectable You (65 selections), Home Swim Home (90 selections) and Il Silenzio (Cannes premier). This year Manifest’s catalogue includes 3 short films in the run for the French César award.

Country France
Number of short films 90
Presented by Anaïs Colpin
Website www.manifest.pictures
Contact anais@manifest.pictures

Salaud Morrisset

Salaud Morisset distributes 5 to 6 films per year, such as Discipline, which premiered in TIFF and has been selected in 230 festivals, winning more than 70 awards as well as The Chicken, which premiered in Cannes and has been selected in 280 festivals so far. In 2017-2018, Salaud Morisset acquired short films which premiered in Cannes, Tribeca and TIFF.

Country France
Number of short films 51
Presented by Zoé Roisson
Website www.salaudmorisset.com
Contact festival@salaudmorisset.com


Sixpackfilm presents at the TSFM 2018 the artistic variety of Austrian short films in a dense catalog of eight recently premiered films. It ranges from a short documentary, a speedy drone flight over California’s Imperial Valley first shown at the Berlin Short Film Competition, to animation films about the sexual joy of an old couple or organic textures transforming to alive creatures.

Country Austria
Number of short films 1.600
Presented by Brigitta Burger-Utzer
Website www.sixpackfilm.com
Contact brigitta@sixpackfilm.com

SND Films

International boutique sales agency of short fiction, animation and some doc short films and documentaries since 1994. Repping a various range of films and attending most major markets and festivals around the world. La Femme et le TGV and Student Academy Award winner Life Smartphone has been the latest acquisitions, as well as the documentaries Half a Life, Obon and A Double Life by the Oscar nominated Job, Joris & Marieke.

Country The Netherlands
Number of short films 400
Presented by Sydney Neter
Website www.sndfilms.com
Contact sydney@sndfilms.com


In 2018, Travelling added more than 20 films to its catalog: fiction (Constellations, Girlfriends, Littles Waves, Mahalia Melts In the Rain), documentary (Shirley Temple) and animation films (America, Your Mother Is a Thief!). Out of these new acquisitions, we can point Brotherhood that won Best Canadian Short Film Award in TIFF in September and Lunar-Orbit Rendez-vous that was presented in Locarno Festival in August.

Country Canada
Number of short films 100
Presented by Maud Christiane
Website www.travellingdistribution.com
Contact admin@travellingdistribution.com