Huldra, by Bjorn Favremark & John Boisen, Sweden
from the short film Huldra, 15’, 2020

Jealous Alan, Martin Clark, UK
from the short film Jealous Alan, 15’, 2019

Sabras, by Sushma Khadepaun, India
from the short film Anita, 20’, 2020

Toki, by Marina Tsukada, Japan
from the short film Mitsuki, 27’, 2020


Short Comedies

And He Said Yes!, by Gintare Parulyte, Luxembourg

Greedy Arne Meet Death, by Lars Vega, Sweden

New Abnormal, by Sorayos Prapapan, Thailand

The Scarf, by Andrea Iannetta, Germany/Italy

This is Katharine, by Ida H. Eldoen, Norway

Las Visitantes, by Enrique Buleo, Spain/France


VR Stories

The Crossing, by Neil Bell, Sweden

DeamNA, by Ioana Mischie, Romania

Inspired, by Sara Tirelli, Italy

Let Go, by Michael Beets, France

A Song of Truth and Semblance, by Kate Voet & Victor Maes, Belgium

Tuto, by Pierre Friquet, France/Italy


Distributors Meet Buyers

Bogoshort Film Agency, Colombia

Gargantua Distribution, Italy

H264 Distribution, Canada

Show Me Shorts, New Zealand

SUDU Connexion, France


Pitch Your Fest!

Animaphix International Animated Film Festival, Italy

Busan International Short Film Festival, South Korea

Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin, Germany

IndieCork Film Festival, Ireland

Krakow Film Festival, Poland


in collaboration with Lago Film Fest


Premio Rodolfo Sonego

Avanti o popolo, by Niccolo Orlandini

Day 3286, by Angelo Calarco & Massimo Pica

Dietro la verità, by Giulia Castagnetti

Fuori luogo, by Angelo Martucci

Gente con cui devi fare i conti, by Ruben Marciano & Giulio Lepri

Neighbors, by Elettra Sofia Mauri & Tancredi Bua

Nickpark, by Bruno Ugioli

Riderà, by Marcello Pedretti & Roberta Martinelli

Rintra e Fuora, by Greta Frontani & Elisa Orrico