Torino Short Film Market (TSFM) is proud to launch a brand new pitching session in 2021, in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the European pitching circuit. YOU ONLY PITCH TWICE will focus on short film projects of all genres that have been previously presented at another pitching event in the months prior to Torino Short Film Market Vol. 6.


This pitch session is developed in collaboration with SFC | Rendez-vous Industry – Cannes Court Métrage (France), Baltic Pitching Forum (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), ShorTS International Film Festival (Italy), Lago Film Fest – Rodolfo Sonego Award (Italy) and Balkan Film Market (Albania). A representative of Torino Short Film Market will select one project from each pitching session organised by our collaborators. 


The director or producer of each winning project will be invited to attend Torino Short Film Market Vol. 6 in December 2021. TSFM will offer invited filmmakers a pitch training by a professional coach and the opportunity to pitch the project for a second time in front of an audience of industry professionals. Invited filmmakers will benefit from free accreditation that grants access to all activities both during the market days and online, as well as accommodation for two nights and many networking opportunities. 


Find out more about our collaborators’ upcoming pitching sessions:


Baltic Pitching Forum — deadline July 30th

Balkan Film Market — deadline August 10th

SFC | Rendez-vous Industry – Cannes Court Métrageupon invitation

Lago Film Fest – Rodolfo Sonego Award – deadline January 15th

ShorTS International Film Festival — deadline May 22nd



Torino Short Film Market Vol. 6 is set to take place on-site and online from November 29th until December 10th, 2021.