We’re excited to announce the full line-up of selected projects for Torino Short Film Market Vol. 6, with participants representing 23 different countries from all over the world! More details on the full programme will follow soon.



Optimism by Steffen Goldkamp, Germany
I matter by Alina Șerban, Romania
Yuli by Ella Kohn, Israel
The fire this time by Mehdi Fikri, France
Dancing the tides by Xeph Suarez, Philippines & Taiwan



I Am Not Here Anymore by Nawojka Wierzbowksa, Poland
Cyprus Soil Mafia or: A Brief History of the Red Sild Stuck on the Cyprus Potatoes (That Gives Them Their Special Taste) by Paris Erotokritou, Cyprus
The Wardrobe by Monica Dugo, Italy
Sabotage by Giulia Montagnana, Italy
The Lovers by Carolina Sandvik, Sweden



WASHHH by Mickey Lai, Malaysia
The Bird-Seller or: Jean and My Mother by Elisa Gómez Alvarez, Switzerland
The Morning After by Elena Traina, Italy
A Crack by Ieva Norvele, Latvia
Popcorn by Blerina Goce, Albania



L’Appel du Vide by Alessandro Bionaz, Italy
The Art of Serving Other People by Fanny Rossel, Sweden
Badum Balon! by Francesca Sudano & Nicola Giacomelli, Italy
The Ballad by Christofer Nilsson, Sweden
Liv by Hillevi Gustafson, Sweden
(Blue) Porn Madness by Enrica Cortese, Italy



Morethan, Spain
presented by Queralt Pons Serra

Kurzfilm Agentur Hamburg e.V., Germany
presented by Stine Wangler

Kapitein Kort, The Netherlands
presented by Hidde de Vries

Miyu Distribution, France
presented by Laure Goasguen

Manifest, France
presented by Anaïs Colpin



LINOLEUM Contemporary Animation and Media Art Festival, Ukraine
presented by Anastasyia Verlinska

BRNO16, Czech Republic
presented by Milan Šimánek

Magma International Short Film Festival, Italy
presented by Giulia Iannello

FeKK – Ljubljana Short Film Festival, Slovenia
presented by Peter Cerovšek

Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece
presented by Yannis Sakaridis



Human Violins by Iona Mischie, Romania
Under the pillow. Kitten Mormitten by Georgy Moldotsov, Russia & Belarus & Estonia
The Metamorphoses of Paris by Bernard George, France
Dante’s Vision by Massimo Ottoni, Italy & United Kingdom
Crow Castle by Ismaila Jallow, Sweden

Torino Short Film Market Vol. 6 is set to take place on-site and online from November 29th until December 10th, 2021. Request your (online/on-site) accreditation here